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8 Bra Myths That You Must Stop Believing Now

Fashion created a lot of different kinds of clothes in the past that not only helped women look better but to feel comfortable as well. Bras, for example, were such an invention. They have quite a long history before they reach the design they have today. One of the first type of clothes invented to hold the bobbies in their ... Read More »

14 Curious Facts about Swimsuits

1946 – that’s the year when a woman wore two parts swimsuit for the very first time. She was a stripper. As we know what is the condition of the nudity and the morals among people these days, I decided to reveal you some curious information about the swimsuits during the years. The first prototypes of swimsuits as we know ... Read More »

How to Wear a Leather Jacket

There are a few basic pieces that all stylish women should have in their wardrobe, whatever their style is: the perfect pair of jeans, a white shirt, black pumps and, of course, the leather jacket. Leather jackets have ruled fashion trends for a few years now and there is no sign that they will be leaving the scene anytime soon. ... Read More »

7 Fashion Myths Debunked

Fashion is a way to express ourselves and this is the best thing about it – we can wear whatever we like and still be fashionable (most times). This is why when somebody tells you that you should not wear a certain color with another one because they do not match, think about it twice before you change your clothes. ... Read More »

Five Must-Have Fashion Pieces for Spring

Even though Valentine’s Day has just passed, we are already leaving behind the classy, elegant and romantic outfits we had been preparing and we are looking forward to the new fashion season. The excitement that has started to overtake us can be overcome in a few steps. First of all, take a look at current trends: they are spectacular this ... Read More »

Fashion Mistakes You’d Better Not Make

At some moment of her life, every girl is keen on fashion and trends, which increases the chance of making different mistake, especially if she is new in the world of fashion. I want to show you some basic mistakes that are commonly made when the girls overact about their look and outfit. I know you love the gorgeous brands, ... Read More »

Street Style Trends

Every year, especially around Fashion Weeks, people tend to get new style inspirations trough street style pictures. Street style is an amazingly huge and diverse universe. I say universe, because this is how big that business is. So new trends and new ideas how to wear and what to wear come all from the street style. So 2015 recently came ... Read More »

5 Short Girls Shopping Problems

Short girls have both advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes a girl can be so short that when she goes to the bank the guard tells her to come back when she is 18 years old (and she actually is 25). Some people in the public transport tend not to notice short people and even step over them. On the other hand, ... Read More »

The Perfect Colors For Brunettes

The fight between brunettes and blondes is almost as old as the world. There have been T-shirts and competitions and everything you can imagine under the lines “Brunettes do it better!” or “Blondes do it better”. And the battle has never been settled. What is though the priority of the brunettes? We can rock almost any color, whereas blondes have ... Read More »