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Ways to Wear Leggings and Look Stylish

The leggings trend reappeared on the scene a few years ago and ever since it has definitely gone through a lot of changes. There are so many questions related to the way we wear them. Can prints flatter your figure? Can they be worn as pants or not? Should they cover your bottom? How elegant are they and can they ... Read More »

White Shirt? Why Not!

White shirts are the inevitable classic. They are appropriate for work, leisure, beach, travel – basically anything. You must just find your right fit and you will be rocking it in no time! There are a couple of types of white shirts – fitted, oversized, boyfriends, tunic. Probably many more. But those are enough. One can never have too many ... Read More »

Signs that You Are a Shopping Addict

There is one type of therapy that every woman can practice at every time, as long as she has just a little cash to spend and that is shopping. Whether it is clothes, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, etc., there is a special type of pleasure in picking an item and taking it home with you. Our weird consumer passion can take ... Read More »

Is Your Bra The Right One?

After recent researches it turns out that over 80% of the women in the world are wearing the wrong bra for them. Most women don’t know how to choose a bra and have never actually thought about how it should be done. It is hard to find the right one if you don’t know what you are searching for. So ... Read More »

The Winter Dress

There is one piece of clothing that suits every woman and that’s the dress! A dress can make your body slimmer and taller, enhance your waist and give your look an elegant and feminine feel. Some women think that dresses are more appropriate for spring and summer, than fall and winter because they don’t really keep you warm and are ... Read More »

Choice of Jeans in Accordance With the Type Figure

Jeans are the most versatile garment. Both men and women love to wear them. They are suitable for both everyday life and to go to a luxurious party or occasion. The most interesting thing about jeans is that they were made to be worn by men while working, as for the ladies, they appeared much later in their wardrobes. Nowadays, ... Read More »

How To Wear Black

You can never go wrong with black. Black is the color of fashion, style and good taste. It‘s relatively easy to style and it looks good on everyone – and the best part is that it visually makes you look slimmer which is something all girls want! For people who are just getting into fashion and can‘t find their style ... Read More »

How to Make Your Wardrobe More Grown-Up After College

Graduation can be a very scary time period in one’s life: they need to abandon the duties of a student and the casual lifestyle they have been maintaining for a few years, and enter the “grown-up world” where words like salary, income, tax and career are not just a myth. Figuring out your future life is a hard task, but as ... Read More »

How To Style Your Winter Coat

Winter is finally here and we can finally start wearing our favorite winter coats and boots. For me, when it comes to fashion winter if the season where I can show my sense of fashion to the others because of all the ways I can mix, max, combine and layer my favorite clothing pieces. And one of those pieces is ... Read More »