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New York Cheesecake

There are so many variations of cheesecakes that we probable won’t have the time to try them all. Here is a recipe of a delicious cheesecake, New York style. It is very easy to prepare but it takes some time, so make sure that you have 1.30 hours and 2 more hours for cooling and chilling. You will need: Ingredients ... Read More »

Vegan cake

Many people think that is not so easy to be a vegan, or that there are no delicious recipes for vegans. This is definitely not the case, however. Vegans know what is delicious and healthy and if you are not one of them, we invite you to try this vegan “Black forest cherry cake”. What you will need is: For ... Read More »

Traditional Christmas Cookies

Christmas is only two weeks from now and I can‘t wait for all the Christmas dishes and cookies I am going to find on the table! Christmas is my favorite time of the year mostly because I go home to my family and take part in the Christmas preparations, including the cooking. This year, I want to make Christmas cooking ... Read More »

X-mas Homemade Cookies

Your Christmas mood isn’t here yet? Here is an idea how to bring it really easy, and the joy will be felt in the air. Last week at the office a colleague of mine brought box full of cookies. She was doing some experiments and her idea for this Christmas is to give cookies to her friends, cookies which were ... Read More »

Romantic Dessert

When someone asks you about the most romantic dessert, what you would answer? The first recipe for a romantic, sweet temptation is the one for strawberries dipped in melted chocolate. Mmm! Match that with a nice champagne and burning candles, while listening to a favorite love song. Well. St Valentine is a little bit too far from now, but why ... Read More »