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Favorite meals

Fast Recipes

The life we live is way too fast to have time to do all we want. Out every day life opts for fast solutions to any problem or thing we need to accomplish. And that is the reality that won’t change. Actually the opposite. And so since we don’t have enough time to do all we want, we have to ... Read More »

Most Romantic Meals

Some say that a man’s love passes through the stomach. There is a great dose of truth in this statement: guys are often impressed by you preparing a big tasty meal for them since it shows that you can take care of them, but it also illustrates your strong feelings for them. Cooking for your boyfriend or husband is a ... Read More »

Be Prepared For The Christmas Dinner

If you want to be a hostess for Christmas this year, you should prepare yourself with some ideas for the Christmas table. If you are not keen on the cooking you should bet on simple dishes, but draw attention to the decoration. Here are three meals for your Christmas dinner – the appetizer, main dish and the dessert. Take a look: ... Read More »

Extraordinary Spinach Pie

This is the time of the year when you have euphoric mood for cooking and creating beautiful meals and dishes. I know that is true, because I can see the posts in my news feed on Facebook. My friends are experimenting and trying new things, exotic meals and drinks, which are making you hungry just by staring at the pictures. ... Read More »

What to Eat During the Week: The Astrological Approach

People have been fascinated with the phases of the Sun and the Moon for centuries.  Even the Church coordinates some of its biggest celebrations with the movement of the Moon. It is a part of nature and people should preserve their connection to the natural way of life as much as possible since it is probably the best way to ... Read More »