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Healthy food

4 Delicious Recipes for Spring

People know that in order to be healthy they have to think healthy, to eat healthy. And what better time to do thin than spring and summer. During the winter we are too cold to think about healthy diets, and we need much more calories. In the warm seasons it is another story. It is much easier to find fresh ... Read More »

Weight Loss Dinner Ideas Based On Zucchini

No matter how long and how deep you search for weight loss solutions without exercising, you won’t succeed in achieving the wanted body look if you don’t get off the coach. This is the harsh truth, which sounds like a horror movie to me, because I want to have a magic wand, a proper spell and the needed abilities make ... Read More »

Include Pineapple in Your Meal Tonight

Pineapple is one of the most summery and delicious fruits anyone could think of. At leas I associate pineapples with summer. And the march is exactly the start of the good pineapple season. So what better knew could you get? People around the world eat the pineapple differently. They eat it row, in desserts, they juice and even eat it ... Read More »

Tips For Planning Menus

It’s not easy to plan a menu for the whole weekend – breakfast, lunch and dinner. But if you want to keep up with the healthy lifestyle, you have to make a plan, because the restaurants are not so reliable about the fresh products and also, it will cost you a lot more to eat at restaurants all the time. ... Read More »

Great Detox Breakfasts to Take to School or Work

Being healthy and fit can be difficult especially when you have a busy schedule. If you need to leave the house early in the morning, you often have no time to have a proper healthy breakfast at home. A good idea is to prepare your meals beforehand, so that you do not go out of your healthy eating regime. Also, ... Read More »

Which Are The Most Delicious Low-calories Foods

It is every woman’s dream to eat delicious food and not to gain any weight. Here is some good news, ladies – your dream just came true! There are some foods that do not have many calories and still are very delicious. If you did not include them in your diet, change it right away. Strawberries And actually blueberries, raspberries, ... Read More »