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Flattering Colors For Green Eyes

Flattering Colors For Green Eyes

Every makeup design, that is different from simple eyeliner, must be flattered by bold and beautiful eyebrows. Well, this is only recommended for girls with thin, short and pale brows. But sometimes even the thick, long and dark brows need a beauty procedure, which requires tweezers and highlighter for the brow bone.

So, today I am showing you a tutorial for beautiful makeup design, which is extremely flattering for green eyes, but the brown ones will look great with it too. So, take a look at the steps and follow them one by one if you want to flatter your eyes with this makeup design:

  • Prepare the lids with a primer. This is the only thing that will prevent the makeup from smudging and gathering at the crease. Well, I just lied you. There is another product that can contribute to the long lasting makeup and that’s the setting spray. If you use both of the products, before and after the makeup application, it will stay on your eyes all night long.

  • The first step of the makeup application is to apply a base – one shade darker than your natural color of the skin. Apply it only at the outer half of the lid. Smudge the edges.

  • Then apply the black color, which will bring intense look of the design. Apply it at the center of the lid and spread it all over with flat, round brush.

  • Now enhance the bottom lid (but leave the waterline nude) with the black color. Use a shadow and apply it with a flat, angled brush.

  • Now comes the turn for the detail that is inspired by the green colors of your eyes – the pastel yellow shadow. Apply it all over the bottom lid with thin, liner brush. Don’t cover the black line fully.

  • Highlight the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone.

  • Finish the look with cat-eye liner and mascara.

  • Enjoy the look!

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