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Naturally Glamorous Contour

Naturally Glamorous Contour

It is not very easy to learn to contour but when you do it will be like magic. You can completely change your look. Here are the steps for a naturally glamorous contour. Before you start applying it make sure that you have enough time to do it. Contouring is more appropriate for an evening event, a glamorous one. So, here is how to do it:

  1. The first thing you need to do before applying any foundation is to put some moisturizing face cream. This way your skin won’t get dry because of the foundation.
  2. Then using a concealer brush apply a cream foundation in medium tone color to highlight. Apply it not all over your face but on certain parts like on the center on your forehead following the bone, in the center of your nose again following the bone, on your cheek bones, and on your jaw bone.
  3. Then apply the next cream foundation tone. Use a much darker one because this will be the centerpiece of your contouring makeup. Again using a contouring brush apply the foundation on certain parts: on the end of your forehead where your hair begins, just draw a line that follows the forehead; apply it on your cheek bones but just draw a line highlighting the place where you want your cheekbones to be; apply it on your nose as well, around the first layer of foundation you applied in the center of your nose; and do not forget to apply it on your jaw bone.
  4. After doing this use a blending brush and blend, blend, blend. Make sure that you blend it very well because there should not be any sharp lines. If you look at picture 4, you will see the difference, the left half of the face shows how it looks when it is blended well, and the right one is not blended at all.

Now you are done with contouring. To finish the look apply eyeshadows, mascara, lipstick and of course bronzer to highlight your cheeks. And you are ready for a party.


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  1. And that right there is a good reason to take a woman swimming on the first date!

    • For the people who are saying “that’s why you take her swimming on the first date” This woman had the courage to post a picture of herself without makeup and to show her skill in how she uses it. She doesn’t actually look that much different. How rude is it to say things like that. Show some respect towards people. Come on.

    • We have water proof make up

    • If you don’t like contouring, no one is is forcing you to love it or do it. Comments like this make individuals that contour or wear make up feel like shit.

    • haha thats so true (1 reason why i don’t actually wear makeup)

      • haha @gozzyx1 you “actually” probably don’t wear makeup because you don’t “actually” know how to do it, sweetheart. 🙂

        • Everyone wears make up but I find this amount of make up ridiculous. If you’re that self conscious that you need to put that amount on, then you’ll never be comfortable with taking it all of. (this girl is an exception because she’s doing this as an example, I mean more the girls who do this every day)

          I stay away from too much foundation etc, instead prefer to have a healthy tan all year, that way you don’t need to ‘cover’ your whole face. Also, too much make up is probably what caused her bad skin in the first place.

          Lastly, the second to last picture is where she should have stopped. She managed to make herself look natural/fresh-faced and then did a u-turn and went back to looking like an Essex girl.

          • Well, a tan all year might not be so “healthy”. It can lead to skin cancer unless you are very, very careful about sun filters. Too much tan and too often might make your skin prematurely old, too.

            I don’t think she wears too much foundation. She just wears a contoured foundation, which is a tad more sofisticated perhaps, but also more smart, as combining two colors can create effects to highlight those parts of your face you like best. She says this contoured make up is intended for a special night, not to wear on a daily basis. Do you have to be self concious to wear that make up to a party or a wedding? Really? I don’t think so.

            I only agree about picture number 5. It’s awesome, I like it better than the finished make up.

    • Krystal if you’re so judgemental and think that you can do better why won’t you post a video doing your make up? Bet you $100 you won’t look as beautiful as she does.

      • I bet you $100 that your definition of beautiful was skewed by society… I bet you think make up leads to beauty when in all honesty, all you need is confidence in yourself.

        • ^Makeup has nothing to do with confidence, unless that certain person wants it to be. Everyone has different levels of comfort. Just because someone wears makeup and you don’t doesn’t give you the right to hate on them. Grow up.

      • Nor will you

    • I would love to see a make-up free picture of Krystal and Bitchface seeing as they are apparently “absolutely flawless” looking without make-up and are comfortable to judge those that who have a few imperfections. Seriously ladies grow the F*$k up!

    • Haha!
      Sry Girls but do you not know about ironi , it’s pretty dam funny cause if that would happen .. The face would actually come of . If it’s not water proof as someone wrote .

      • Jo,

        Where the f*$k did you learn English – if you’re going to comment, learn to f*$king spell

        • Now, that is just rude. You don’t realize how difficult it is to learn English, with all of its rules and exceptions. It requires counterintuitive thinking and that’s difficult to do. Besides, it’s not like you’ve never misspelled anything.

          Also, don’t judge others if you’re no better yourself. Where’s your punctuation? That dash is unnecessary as well.

    • I don’t wear make-up often, but I don’t shit on women who do. Why do you? Something is wrong there, do some soul searching.

    • She’s wearing makeup bc she wants to and maybe it makes her feel better. Who the fuck are you to judge her for it? You don’t wear makeup, cool. You do, that’s great. Stop deciding that woman do shit for other people. Especially that they ‘do it for Men’ bc honey let me tell you, no woman spends that much money to look good for a dude that won’t even shave is balls. Holy shit.

    • How about this- if a girl feels good wearing make up, she should wear it. If she wants to look like SOCIETY WANT HER TO LOOK (gasp), she should do that. If she doesn’t, you guessed it, don’t. And how about we don’t throw a big hissy fit about it and we just support each other like decent human beings. On a side note- if a dude can’t love you once the make up is off, that’s a different set of issues entirely.

    • Okay, let’s hold on a second and realize that NO ONE IS PERFECT, no, not even you, you stuck up fuck. So if a woman needs makeup to feel confident about herself, don’t blame her. Blame people like yourself that think she looks ANY worse WITHOUT her makeup. Krystal, do women everywhere a favor and keep your shit opinion to your shit self. Women get enough crap from men about how they look. Don’t add on.

    • and that’s how you find the trash in the comment sections!

    • Wtf is wrong with you. Is appearance all that matters to you pigs?!?
      I hope all men who say stuff like this know that women don’t wear makeup for attention they wear it because it makes them feel better about themselves!! Because people like you make them feel as if they’re never good enough for your messed up standards

    • If I hear one more person comment out of friggin NOWHERE on a post about makeup on a site for MAKEUP ENTHUSIASTS and cry FALSE ADVERTISING I’m going to kick a kitten (not really, kittens are lovely, it’s going to get the shit cuddled out of it but I’m going to be VERY ANGRY). Women are not a product, expressing ourselves with makeup is NOT false advertising. This whole idea of taking a girl swimming on a first day as a way to shame her for daring to wear makeup is so unbelievably sad and cruel and if you’re someone that does this you don’t deserve to date ANYONE, especially someone who puts time and creativity into their daily routine. If this is your way of seeing how “truly pretty” they are to see if they “deserve” to date you then spare yourself the time and them the headache. Wait a few years to grow up then try again.

    • So if you take her swimming and her make up comes off and she’s not absolutely perfect and gorgeous you wont take her on anymore dates? Youre gut is probably hanging over your belt and no one wants to see that in a swimsuit.

    • If you can’t notice somebody wearing makeup however much amount in the first place you should reconsider your eye sight/brain function

      A nobody has pink/blue/gold eyelids
      B nobodys lips are naturally glossy or RED
      C lets face it nobodys skin naturally looks like that no matter what types of skin creams you use
      D unless youre blushing or cold as shit your cheeks are the same color as the rest of your face
      E youre probably dumb as fuck.

      No need for swimming pools use some common sense oh wait… refer to E

    • But again … I bet she’s beautiful than most of you bitches commenting on here. Lol why you hating for? Fk outta here lol

    • Why would do think that’s okay? As a woman you should know how hard it is to be one, encourage and uplift your gender.

  2. To gozzyx1 you prob don’t wear make up for these following two reasons, one your prob so ugly that makeup won’t make your pretty, and two yoir too broke ass too afford it . Loll

    • People that spend all their money on appearance are typically the”broke ass” bitches. The cheapest fucking thing at Sephora is like $20. Most bitches don’t even make that per hour. That is fucking sad. Why don’t you spend that money on improving your life and making something useful of yourself? Smart men don’t go after “broke ass” bitches cause no one wants to pay for that shit.

      • lmao though, for all you know they could be improving their life through makeup, they could want to be a makeup artist. fun fact, women don’t live for men, so it doesn’t really matter if said “smart men” go for “broke ass bitches”

    • Girls who do spend all their money on make-up are probably dumb as rocks (dont know how to spell) and pregnant at or before the age of sixteen

      • No one is perfect! I’m sure your parents had you at the age of 15 lol stop complaining and put some makeup on lol your attitude is just as ugly as you look.

      • I am a MUA and makeup is how I make money. So yes, I spend a lot of my money on makeup. But you’re right, I’m really dumb. My bachelor’s degree from ASU will tell you the same thing.

      • I actually do spend a lot of money on makeup. I have as a teen and I will continue to do so into my adult years. I’m a doctor. Personally I like to take time in my appearance because a lot more people find that professional rather than the “I just rolled out of bed and barely combed my hair” look.
        Your comment was not intelligent at all and you may want to consider reevaluating your comment.

    • These terrible words you’re saying and that awful way you think immediately make you 1000000000% less attractive. Honey, not even make up can cover that up and it sure as hell isn’t fooling anyone.
      You are a very rude person.
      I don’t like rude.

  3. she shouldn’t have to put on all that make up to feel pretty. she’s pretty without it too. all that make up does is clog your pores.

    • not all make up cloggs your pores, only cheap make up. you have to find a good brand that just sits on top of your pores

    • Why can’t you feel pretty with and without it? I don’t understand. I wear it for fun, it’s fun to do. I enjoy it. I will absolutely walk out of my with no make-up on, and do 6 days out of the week. Its not the makeup that makes me feel pretty, it’s just fun to play around with colors and styles when I’m going somewhere nice or want to dress up a bit.

  4. I wish i could do that kinda stuff, I would love to see how I look

  5. “Naturally” ? Well not really, she’s changing the whole shape of her face.

    • Naturally with makeup… You want her to cut up her face with plastic surgery instead? I hate all these women putting other women down because of what they wear or how they wear their makeup. Grow the fuck up people and stop being a hater on anyone who does something different than you. This model looks beautiful with and without makeup, did anyone consider the fact that maybe she actually enjoys doing her makeup everyday?

      • “This model looks beautiful with and without makeup”. That’s the problem with most women. They think they need to be beautiful to be worth something. The whole idea is wrong. It’s not about the fact that she’s successful, or happy or caring, or friendly, or awesome, it about whether or not she looks pretty. Maybe you should grow a fucking brain and stop being so condescending.

  6. People who are getting offended by people’s comments its not that serious. yes she is beautiful without it. but it does change pretty much how she looks. And there’s no “naturally contouring” if its not really natural. It’s to each its own. Either way she’s still beautiful. But let’s try.less make up people and more natural beauty.

  7. Stfu up to the bitches complaining about makeup, your fav superstar getting her makeup done now! You should try it

  8. This method (contouring) is meant to be used On STAGE! Its use is comm.art (photo video live stage) and it is because the spotlighs make thr face look Flat..
    Face to face it shows! Even though ppl do as if they haven’t notice THEY DID, we see it.

    I have only male friends and many of them completely dislike when a girl is “painted” like that.. (many of em says they felt lile they could peel off her face or remove it like a mask!!)

    It IS gorgeous on a picture though…

  9. STOP USING MAKE UP! look how ugly she is before. Stop fooling men. Would you want a guy to walk around with a bulge in his pants and when you get home, he doesnt even have a dick? Stop it.

    • …seriously, Emvn? Maybe if there wasn’t so many judgemental people such as yourself, less people would feel the need to try push their inner beauty to a more visible place, to ‘physically’ change their appearance. She shouldn’t feel shameful for wanting to express herself with her make-up skills. Surely there’s been at least a few moments in your life where you’ve wished you could change something about yourself.

    • Lmao. Maybe she isn’t trying to impress men in the first place. Because she sure as hell doesn’t put on make-up in order to fuck ugly ass men like you. Maybe she enjoys how she feels when she wears it and doesn’t give a shit what you think.

    • Sounds to me like you have some personal issues going on. Stop judging others, it only makes you look worse. She is gorgeous, and your negativity is ridiculous. It is sad you are taking the time out of your day to spread hatred. Shame on you.

    • I apologize if you didn’t learn in school that girls don’t normally have glitter on their eyelids or bright red lips.
      You poor dumb boy.
      Thinking that way will never get you laid, or a girlfriend.

    • Should we stop wearing clothes too? That way no one gets confused when we rake them off! Geez, you’re dense.

  10. See, I don’t really see the difference with the shape of her face from before and after. She is gorgeous either way.

  11. I have only male friends and many of them completely dislike when a girl is “painted” like that.. (many of em says they felt lile they could peel off her face or remove it like a mask!!)

    It IS gorgeous on a picture though…

  12. Seriously? I mean really?

    “Oh you don’t have to put on makeup to feel beautiful, you don’t need it.” or, “Wow how fake she doesn’t look like that at all, makeup is just lies.” and my favorite, “Why are you putting all that makeup on to make yourself look good for someone else.”
    Ever think that some of us just enjoy wearing, and messing around with makeup? More times than not, we are wearing it because we enjoy it, not for your enjoyment/judgemental asses. It’s called being a makeup ARTIST for a reason.
    You people are your cockiness are ridiculous, just, no. You probably aren’t that important. Sit down, please.

  13. Women who wear make up look a hundred times more professional thats all i got to say dont hate just becuz you dont know how to do yours

  14. Now, I will say that this girl is beautiful and I can def. use tips on how to do my makeup. With that said, she totally looks like simba in picture 3 🙂

  15. The men who say the dumb things like, “this girls is ugly with makeup, she doesn’t need it” WE KNOW WE DO NOT NEED IT! WE DO NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT IMPRESSING YOU TOOLBAGS! WE WEAR IT BECAUSE FEEL LIKE WEARING SOME MAKE UP! So you all need to stop being air heads thinking we do it for you, because you guys all suck anyway.

  16. Okay so, I personally do not normally wear makeup – primarily because it annoys me, and I wind up wiping half of it off by touching my face anyways.

    However I am absolutely not judgemental of women who wear makeup. If you want to wear it or not, as long as you’re doing it for you – that’s all that matters.

    Additionally who the hell cares what guys think about make-up? What do they know unless they wear make-up? Nothing.

    Look I’m bi – any guys I’ve been dated have never cared, and I’ve never cared if women I’ve dated wore makeup or not. I think the woman in the pictures is hot both before and after.

    If a guys not into something a girl does to make herself feel good – that doesn’t give him the right to tell her she’s wrong. That gives him the right to go and find someone he is into.

    People should stop trying to make other people look the way they want them to. Diversity is a beautiful thing. So shut up.

  17. This kind of makeup is used usually for film or photography. Possibly stage performing.. There are uses for makeup but don’t go through this every day… It is too much. We all have a natural beauty, that we should embrace, However, there are times when it is appropriate to wear more dramatic makeup.

    Its a form of self expression and I love that! But please wear it to express who you are and not to cover up how you look, because I assure you all that you are beautiful with it or without it! We don’t have to look photo ready every day! Let your skin relax sometimes :). Xoxo all the best.

  18. 1. She doesn’t even look that different with make up on, she looks beautiful both ways. and 2. Doing make up is like a hobby for some people; it’s a very enjoyable activity.

  19. I’m just really interested to know what foundation she used. I’ve tried many different kinds and it looks horrible.

  20. So, you think she is doing this to be pretty and because she is not confident. She just wants to show people what she can acomplish with make-up. Maybe cause it is her hobby ? Idk. But stop judging.

  21. Where can I buy the cream foundations you use from. Thanks

  22. Much prettier before make-up!!! I wished all women stopped wearing make-up – just so artificial, it masks the real beauty!

    • My friend from high school was in a really bad car accident and she had a shard of glass from the windshield tear across her cheek. She had a really bad scar from it and was so self conscious she didn’t want to leave the house. She fell in a deep depression until the cut healed enough that she could put heavy foundation over it. She felt so much better now that she wasn’t reminded of the accident every time she saw her reflection. So go ahead and tell her not to wear make up and just let her naturally face shine.

  23. OMG
    Why do you defend masked people that much?
    Our natural face reflecs our true selves. So, hiding it with makeup just hides who you are and what habits do you have.
    Deal with your damn self skin.

  24. I don’t wear make-up unless it’s a special occasion!! I’m not perfect with make-up and I’m not perfect without make-up but I don’t give a sh*t. I think that who ever wants to wear make-up can wear make-up it don’t really consern anyone else if they do or not!!!!! If u want to wear make-up wear it, if u don’t want to then f*cking don’t it’s up to u !!!!!!

  25. I think some people need to take a fat ass chill pill over this. The girl is gorgeous. The makeup enhances her beauty, and she was nice enough to share the process..

    To the haters: Believe it or not, a lot of women enjoy doing their makeup. It’s so much fun to do and maybe you should try it sometime. There’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup if it makes you, YOURSELF, feel more beautiful. Seriously, I am so tired of seeing women hate on other women. We should be supportive of one another. It’s disappointing how heartless and judgmental some ladies can be. You’re literally taking the time out of your day to spread hatred to a woman who is just trying to show the art of contour. Keep your rude comments to yourself. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Shame on you, you negative person. What did she ever do to you? Just think about that.

    Props to this girl, the contour looks phenomenal! 🙂

  26. i think she realy knows how to put on her make up but i like her natural beauty much more.

  27. Women hating on women what a fucking surprise…there’s always one bitch

  28. Wow bitches go crazy LOL!

  29. One rude comment and everyone goes batpoop
    She’s beautiful with or without make up guys chill

  30. This is so ridiculous to have to make up that way to look like something totally different from the reality knowing that natural beauty is the best.. perhaps to go to a party or a photo shoot a fashion show or when you’re a star yes but for every day, it’s too much .. a soft makeup its good enough

  31. The true beauty is the soul, not the appearance. Stay natural is the best thing but she has courage to show her photos.

  32. I think this is awesome. If I knew how to do it I totally would!

  33. girls who can’t properly use make-up are the first to put other girls who can, down. Get a life .

  34. I dont wear all that make up but i do love eye shadow and eye brow. My skin is really healthy and smooth so i dont need all that. Pluse were i stay in sunny san diego it be to hot for all that. When i see girls with all that make up on they look silly to me. No matter how cute they look crazy with all that on they face.

  35. True beauty is when one feels comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. Whether that individual wears make up or not. I feel beautiful whether I wear make up or not, to say that someone is ugly if they wear make up is just plain ignorance.

  36. Seriously, this discussion is leading to uh nowhere xx

  37. I think she’s much more attractive without all that…

  38. Such jealous and hateful people

  39. She looks beautiful before and after. Keep your negative comments to yourself. Some women like to wear makeup, some don’t. Some guys like women either way. Wearing makeup doesn’t make u an ugly person, your attitude does.

  40. Thank you for posting this! This was very informative. I don’t wear a lot of make up daily and often struggle when I do want to wear it on a special occasion how to do it and do it right. It’s amazing the difference and no wonder celebs look so fantastic. I don’t think that this tutorial is about confidence on a daily basis but trying to make sure that we put our best foot forward when we want to and feeling ‘confident’ that we know how to do it right. I for one am grateful and thankful.
    Thank you!

  41. not everything’s about being beautiful. stop justifying her decisions based on whether or not the result is “beautiful”. it doesn’t matter.

  42. To be honest I think she looks like a drag queen in the last picture. Way prettier all natural.

  43. I dont wear make up unless I’m going out. With 4 kids its not often… however I like to feel and look like a lady. Its not too much make up either, a bit of concealer and foundation… standard for flawless looking skin. Takes less than 5 minutes to apply and blend.
    Stop being so judgemental, I was brought up that if I had nothing nice to say keep your mouth shut… peace out 🙂

  44. I always wonder why comments have to become negative, aggressive, …
    This is just a picture of a make up tutorial. If you don’t have anything nice to say about it, just be quiet.

    For those who are interested in the art of contouring, this is a nice post because it shows the steps you need to take.

    Calm down, enjoy life, be positive people.

  45. It is pretty funny reading the amounts of people commenting their opinions on why women wear makeup. Maybe she posted this for women who don’t wear makeup everyday. Like me. I know I don’t need to wear it, I know it won’t change how I feel about myself, and no I don’t wear it to impress anyone.
    Some people just don’t get it. Some people do.
    Nobody gets mad at men for wearing suits or name brand clothes and cologne, so why get mad at women for wanting to dress up as well? Now that, I just don’t get.
    Thanks to this pretty lady for showing me how to do this contour thing, it will come in handy for a date I got asked to without wearing make up! 😉

  46. hey all you people, guess what:
    literally nobody cares what you think about makeup!
    some girls like wearing makeup
    some girls like going bare-faced
    some girls like wearing lots of makeup
    some girls like wearing very little makeup
    no girls should be subject to your harsh, petty criticism. not only are you not dating any of these ~women~ that you love judging, but you’re also probably not paying for their makeup!
    do you know what that means? you guessed it… you really have no say in how they apply it or rather they choose to do so at all

    I can’t believe that it is 2015 and there are still ignorant losers who feel the need to body police grown women who they don’t even know…

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