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Pastel Colored Makeup

Pastel Colored Makeup

I prefer light makeup for work or school days. It looks better in daylight and my eyes are properly enhanced. But I have a little bit of a problem, my eyes are too small to wear a lot of makeup, no matter how hard I want to make something sophisticated and beautiful, I am just not allowed to, because I’ll look ridiculous with my small eyes, covered with dark shades. But fortunately, I happen to like the light, pastel colors from my shadow palette. Check out what I found in my archives of makeup tutorial and see if it will fit your shape and size of your eyes. Just follow the steps, it’s really easy:

  1. Take care of the eyebrows first, because they will look a little bit pale after the application of foundation or powder.
  2. Then apply lid primer, because you are going to apply a lot of eye shadows all over the lid.
  3. Then choose three pale, matching colors. Start with the lightest one, for instance, white or pale pink. Apply it at the inner corner of the lid. Then use a little bit darker color, let’s say a pale bronze one, and apply it at the center of the lid. The darkest of the three colors, should be applied at the outer corner of the lid.
  4. Highlight the brow bone with the first color – the lightest one.
  5. Apply mascara to the lids and your makeup design for small eyes is ready to gather compliments for your look.
  6. This type of eye makeup is appropriate for casual appointments, but if you tend to go to a party, you are allowed to apply much more darker colors, which are more intensive and night-friendly, because of the dull light of the club or on the street. A night party allows you even the most sophisticated makeup design – the contouring and highlighting one. But again, analyze the size and the shape of your eyes before choosing to cover them with black or purple shadows, which will make your eyes look barely opened.
  7. But the most important thing is to have fun and to enjoy the company, the music and the beauty of the night. So, go out and dance the night away!
Makeup of light colors

Step by step how to on applying pastel colored makeup on your eyes


  1. It sure helped me

  2. It looks so good… I’m gonna test that !

  3. It looks fantastic I wish I could do the same !

  4. Thanks so much.. brown small eyes are very difficult to deal with. I never find good tips !
    Do you recomand any brand or tools or it does not matter

  5. Che marca sono gli ombretti ? Grazie

  6. I feel like these colors aren’t pastel though. Still a great look.

  7. The eyebrow needs highlighting, and there needs to be more blending. It isn’t a terrible look, however those are neutral tones. Not pastels.

  8. What product did you use ? Is it Urban Decay ?

  9. This is a really good tip! Usually I prefer more of a Matt highlight for the brow though but it looks really good with these colors. What eye-shadow pallette are you using to create this?

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