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The Habits That Have Negative Effect on The Brain

Women know that if they want to look beautiful and young, they should take care of themselves. But applying the right beauty products, removing their makeup before going to sleep and getting their beauty sleep is not enough. If a person wants to lead a healthy life and to look attractive, they should begin the change from within. However, people ... Read More »

5 Habits That Make You Look Older

Young women should always opt to look their age. Of course you shouldn’t try to look 12, but still. We actually think that age appropriate style is kind of boring. But you should never make yourself appear 10 years or so older. When you are in your 20s that may be cool, but after a certain age the only thing ... Read More »

How To Handle Your Bad Habits

Don’t think that the fact that you don’t smoke and don’t take drugs mean that you don’t have bad habits. And what if you bite your nails or chew gum all time? Or you don’t include these activities to the Bad Habit list? Well, not all of the bad habits are harmful, but they can really complicate your life and ... Read More »

Habits that Can Harm Your Teeth

A beautiful smile can go a long way. It can impress people, not only make you seem more attractive, but also trustworthy and positive. However, a smile in which the teeth are not healthy is not going to have the same effect. There are many things that you can be doing in wrong when taking care of them, so that ... Read More »