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How to Blend Eyeshadow Perfectly

Even if you buy the most expensive makeup in the world and use the best brushes, it doesn’t mean that end result will be “magic”. You have to learn some tricks to be a perfect makeup artist. One of them is that you should clean your brushes often, especially when you are blending. Imagine that you want to apply a ... Read More »

How To Fake Slimmer Body

We often wish for bodies just like the bodies of our favorite celebrities, but often it is hard to find time for the gym when you are working, studying, taking language class and have a boyfriend. Which automatically reorganizes the constant periods of meals, because one of the healthiest ways to stay fit is to eat regularly, every day at the ... Read More »

The Graffiti Look

Have you eve imagined that graffiti are not only for the streets of the world. They could be a perfect asset for your face. Strange, right? Although a graffiti inspired look might not really be suitable for any occasion you can always give it a go at Halloween or a special party you want to attend. So here is how ... Read More »

Silver Glam For Your Eyes

Let’s say that your crush has a birthday this weekend and you want to impress him with your look. It could be done easily – apply the right makeup design. The key to impressing a crush with a makeup is to keep the things natural. You only have to enhance your best features and hide some spots you don’t like. Let’s start ... Read More »

Stunning Look For a Memorable Night

If you are lucky enough to have big eyes and huge lids, you must try this makeup. Yes, it is a little bit more sophisticated than usual, but you can match it with a gorgeous party dress and rock the club with your pop queen style. Take a look at the tutorial and if you like it, grab the brushes and ... Read More »

How to Get the Perfect Look on Rushed Mornings

If women could wish for one magic beauty power, it would probably be to wake up with a flawless hairstyle and perfect skin in the morning…or to spend only ten seconds on great winged eyeliner. However, we all know that is not the case. Even for confident girls who feel comfortable in their own skin, the morning beauty routine is ... Read More »

How to Get the Perfect Nose Without Surgery

Some women love how their faces look with or without make up. Others not so much. But we a perfectionists. What more can we say. Every day we wake up and put our make up on. Some just put on a base and leave the house. Others put way more effort into it – once because that’s the way they ... Read More »

Cocktail Party Makeup

I want you to picture this scenario: You have in your calendar a cocktail party event for tonight. The starting time is at 8 p.m. and you have a whole free day. That’s why you have decided to read a book. Suddenly you wake up and you realized that you fell asleep while you were reading. The time is 6 ... Read More »

Leather Eyeliner

You know how trends spread among every single part of your look. The era of clothing-only is gone. Now we have to think about everything – the clothes, the accessories, the hairstyle, the nails, the makeup! A beauty responsible woman has no rest if she wants to do things the right way. And what about working girls. Do we have ... Read More »

NYE Hair and Makeup

As the Victoria Secret Show has passed, a great amount of attention was focused on the performances and, of course, on the Angels’ impeccable look. Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio are only two among the amazing supermodels that we all admire and want to look like. Nevertheless, these beautiful women and the show they participate in can serve as inspiration ... Read More »