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6 Foods for Glowing Skin and Shiny Hair

Beauty is not only something that is given to us. Sure, some people are born with better genes than others, but if you do not take care of yourselves, you won’t have any success. Beauty comes from within, and not only when it comes to our personality, but also when we talk about the way we feed ourselves. If you ... Read More »

What to Eat to Beautify Yourself?

Strawberries First of all we are in the season of this amazing fruit. Do you know though what it does for you? The strawberries are a natural teeth whitener. Also, they actually help your teeth not to get too much sugar stuck on them. Strawberries just fight the bacterias that make cavities. Another fact is that strawberries work in favor ... Read More »

Keep Your Brain Healthy Through Food

We tend to spend much time on the health of our bodies. Also on our beauty routines. We want beautiful skin, hair and nail. We put make up on and make different hairstyles for ourselves. And also we waste a lot of time into dressing up. And is all of that worthed? I am going into those thoughts, because we ... Read More »