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Makeup Lifting Effect

Nowadays life is very stressful. Women have jobs, kids, husbands and still have to look fabulous. Sometimes this tiresome daily round is not flattering to our eye and dark circles appear under them. So here is a solution to that problem. You can hide dark circles and weariness with makeup. This makeup technique includes dark shadows and playing with shades ... Read More »

Makeup Technique for Sassy Lips

Sometimes you don’t feel that using just a lip gloss is enough for your lips enhancing. Sometimes you need to make the things a little bit more sophisticated. But if you want to pay more attention to your lips, you have to keep the eyes more nude and natural in order to keep the balance. Before we move to the ... Read More »

Makeup Technique For Small Eyes

When you do anything, no matter what, about your look and beauty you should always consider your proportions, your personal type of body, your personal shape of eyes and so on. You can fall in love with a dress, that you saw on a girl in the theater, but have you ever thought of the body of the girl and your ... Read More »

How to Look Good on Photos

Photos sealed moments of happiness we experience with loved ones that we want to put in a frame and keep forever. But how do you feel when the beautiful frame is ruined by your asleep or looking somewhere else face? I thought so. “Delete me out of here!”, “Get me out of there!” “Tear this picture!”, “Throw that away!” – ... Read More »

Amazing Eyeliner Tricks

There are a few things in our makeup bag that we never miss on having: mascara, a product to bring some color to our cheeks and, of course, eyeliner. There is a plethora of variations on the market, whether you prefer a pencil version, gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, etc. or a different color than the classic black. Brown can bring ... Read More »