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Great Trick for Your Lips

People are childish creatures. I thought that when I grow up I won’t be in that state of mind that I have been in my toddler years, but unfortunately, it is even worse. We are just like children when we want something. We want that think especially when some other “kid” has it. You want a dress like hers, shoes ... Read More »

Fuller Lips With This Simple Trick

Almost every woman with thin looking lips, want them appear bigger. I think that Angelina Jolie is responsible for this problem. If she wasn’t so absolutely gorgeous with her plump, enormous lips, maybe we would never like to make our lips bigger. But unfortunately, she looks amazing, and unfortunately, we adore her look, especially the lips. And fortunately, we have ... Read More »

Red Ombre Lips

A woman can become very creative when she wants to win a man’s attention. She always thinks about plans and techniques to bring him close to you. She carefully considers her behavior around him, the way she laughs, the way she speaks and the way she moves her body. But that’s easy, once she gets to talk to you. The ... Read More »

How To Wear Dark Lips

Christmas is just around the corner and it‘s time we think about what we are going to wear and how we will do our hair and makeup. This winter if you want to be on top of the trend and become a center of attention, you have to go for dark, bold lipstick and subtle eyes. Today, we are going ... Read More »

Control The Way You Look

Any self respecting girl should know how to achieve different looks according to the situation, the occasion or just the mood. Without that knowledge you will have to be a slave of the nature and just get used to it. But if you know how to enhance your best facial features you will be able to do anything else. First ... Read More »