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Nice & Smooth Makeup For Romantic Date

I like the precise shapes. Which means that I like the precise makeup designs too, just like this one. Take a look: A precise makeup means that you should take care of the whole facial makeup. You can make only perfect lips and keep the eyes smudgy and messy. Pay attention to the details. The details are those magical helpers, ... Read More »

Burgundy Touch For Smokey Eyes

The Smokey makeup design is perfect for both a formal event and casual day. But you have to choose the right colors for the right event. If you want to make Smokey eyes for a formal dinner or night party, you’d better choose darker and more intense colors, but if you want to wear that design in a work day, ... Read More »

Purple Night

There is one thing that I absolutely adore about fashion – colors. I’m not wearing many colors all over me, but I really like the hints, just an accent of color, for instance, black dress and red lips – the most chic style I like to wear. My favorite color is the red one, but I like to experiment with ... Read More »

Inverse Smoky Eye

You know the Smoky eye effect, right? This intense and heavy makeup is gorgeous and stylish. The basic rule is simple: apply the color and blend, apply the color and blend. That’s it. The color is getting transparent as you go to the outer corner of the eye. The choice of the color is all up to you, but you ... Read More »

4 Makeup Tricks Nobody Told You About

I am sure every woman in the world would agree if I say that applying makeup is maybe the biggest everyday struggle for the fair sex and that‘s why we need all the help we can get – tips, tricks and ideas on how to apply makeup better and faster. Because I want to make your life easier, I will ... Read More »