Everything You Need to Know About Undertones


Do you know what your undertone is?

A lot of people do not know their skin undertone and even do not know why they need to bother with it.Then perhaps you have been in a situation when you and a friend of yours have similar complexions, but some colors just do not look so good on you as on her, or the other way around.

And you keep asking yourself why. Well, the answer is simple – you two just have different undertones. Here is all you need to know about undertones, how to determine your undertone and what colors look good on you.

What is your undertone?

First of all, after knowing that undertones play a huge role in fashion, or at least in what looks good on you, you have to know your undertone. Here is a small test that will help you find out, and be absolutely objective about it.


Look at your wrist. You see, your veins, right? If your veins look more blue or purple to you then your undertone is cool. If your veins look more green to you than your undertone is warm. And if you cannot decide what color exactly you see, then your undertone must be neutral.

Gold vs. Silver

What kind of jewelries do you wear more – gold or silver? Or better yet, what looks better on your skin? But definitely do not tell which one you love better because sometimes there is a difference between what you like and what looks good on you. So, if silver looks better on your skin, then your undertones is cool. And if it is gold, then your undertone is warm. If you wear both, without thinking that one suits your skin better, than your undertone is neutral.


When do you go on the beach you know how some lucky people have a perfect bronze tan. And which team do you belong to? If you burn fast, and you just look pinkish or redder than you are cool-toned. If you start with a tan, but then you burn because you have stayed under the sun too long then your undertone is warm. And if you just not have any problems with the sun and your tan, then you belong to the luckiest group of those with neutral undertone.

Hair and eyes

If you are “the owner” of blue, green or gray eyes, then your undertone is cool. If your eyes are brown, hazel, olive then, of course, it will mean that you have warm undertones. This goes for your hair as well. If your hair tones are richer, darker, brown you are “warm”, and if your hair is fair or ginger, you are “cool”.

After so many tests you have probably learned to which group you belong. And shopping will be a blast when you know these secrets. Start with a foundation. If your undertone is warm, then buy a foundation that is more yellow and if it is cool, then get a foundation that has a pink hue. It actually is pretty easy and the right choice of foundation will complement your skin. And if you are neutral, you do not need to worry about hues. Everything looks good on you so choose whatever you like.

After foundation, we turn to clothes. And more precisely the color of the clothes. The right colors for warm-toners are earth colors, golden ones, warm peach and corals, with red or orange lipstick (just do not choose a very bright one orange because it may play a trick on you).

For cool-toners, I recommend silver jewelry, pink eyeshadows, clothes in any blue hue and blue-base red lipstick.

Just remember not to stress about the colors. Choose them carefully, but also have fun with it.