4 Wedding Preparation Elements You and Your Future Husband Must Absolutely Agree on


For guys probably the hardest thing about their wedding is the bride to agree to put on the engagement ring. After this their job is to wait quietly till the big day comes. Oh, silly boys! They may hope this will be the case with their wedding, but they surely are wrong. There are certain wedding preparation elements both the groom and the bride must agree on if they do not want to start their life as a family with quarrels. We have prepared for you a list of the most important preparation elements you and your partner must totally agree on.

1 The Venue

Establishing the venue is one of the most important things when it comes to a wedding. Everything is about the venue. It is the one thing that could make or break your wedding. If it is magical, the whole event will be the same. There are great locations for weddings all over the world. The only thing you need to do is search for the best place possible, that both you and your partner will like. If you like the beach, then you can have a wedding at the beach, free style. If you prefer your wedding to be in a more elegant style, then choose a ballroom with spectacular decoration. Just because now you can organize your wedding wherever you want, most couples start arguing. In the end, of course, women win the fight, but it would be better if it does not start at all.

2 The Menu

You may think that the menu is insignificant part of the wedding preparations, since the bride and the groom are the people that eat least on their wedding. They have so much other things to do that they not only do not feel any hunger for all the emotions, but they also do not have time for it. However, for the other guests this is not so insignificant thing. Some of them love to judge a wedding by its food, so it is very important to show the guests that the menu is something they can associate with you and your partner immediately. If you are celebrating your wedding in another country, or if you are your partner are from different nations, then you should have a mixture of both. It is important to talk about a menu, one of you may want to have one thing and the other – another. Of course, you should also consider the fact whether some of your guests (or you) have some kind of food allergies.

3 The Music

Music is the next very important element a wedding not only cannot go without, but also it can make it or break it. Music will be part of the whole celebration and you certainly must not leave it to chance. The fact that you are your partner are in love does not necessarily mean that you two have exactly the same tastes for music. If you do, you will be lucky, of course. Good music is really subjective, so it will be a little difficult to negotiate the music, especially if you want your guests to have fun as well. One thing you could do is to have a little bit of everything – the genre that you love, the genre that your partner loves and some of the genres that the guests love. And while a song that you are not fond of is playing, you may sneak for a while and have a bite of your wedding menu.

4 The Vacation

As it is with every other thing in the list, the spot for the honeymoon is very important and you should discuss it beforehand. In some cases, the parents of the bride or the parents of the groom want to make a special present to the newly wed couple and they decide to choose the destination for them. This is not such a good idea, because if their child loves the place it does not necessarily mean that the other one will like it, too. The decision for the honeymoon should be entirely up to both of them. If you want you can have a relaxing vacation, an adventurous vacation, a vacation on the beach, or in the mountains. You can go to an exotic country where the weather is hot or you can stay in your own country and enjoy the time in a place where everything is familiar to you. If you and your partner have similar tastes for vacation it will be a piece of cake to choose the destination. However, if this is one of the things you two argue about, do not worry, there is still a way to figure it out. There are places in the world that give you opportunity to do more than one thing, as it is with Ibiza – you can have a wild party there or you can relax in a quiet hotel (yes, there are such ones in Ibiza). You only need to do the same and both of you will be satisfied.