5 Habits That Make You Look Older


Young women should always opt to look their age. Of course you shouldn’t try to look 12, but still. We actually think that age appropriate style is kind of boring. But you should never make yourself appear 10 years or so older. When you are in your 20s that may be cool, but after a certain age the only thing we want is to be mistaken for younger.

We believe in wearing what you love. No matter your age, but the appropriate for you way. Taking something you think is amazing and making it your own, without looking way to trendy or way to old fashioned is the best version of you. Combining well you pieces is the key to having a great and polished look. Also wearing the right makeup for your skin color perfects you. Knowing what the right type of clothing is made exactly for your body also is important.

With that said there are some thing women do in the fashion department that only makes them older, no matter what their intentions were. Here are 5 habits you might be having, that you must immediately ditch!

Start tailoring your clothes
If you don’t think about the way your clothes fit, that probably adds on some years to the ones you already have. If you are wondering why here is the answer – clothes that are too long (for example their sleeves) or too boxy are in general ill fitting, which seems like you want to cover up your body. No one is saying that you should always wear skin tight jeans, that you can’t breathe in and tops that show everything. But a well fitting clothes are way more flattering. Some outfits tend to be looser, but there is difference between a looser men-type shirt for example and an ill-fitting blouse. So go fix your pieces.

Put on a modern spin to your retro pieces
There is nothing wrong with wearing retro clothes. Things that were fashionable before always tend to come back. And that is the natural way of it all. For example the vintage swing mid-skirt you found in your moms closet looks amazing. But you shouldn’t pair it with the same stuff she did. Go for a cropped leather jacket and edgy heels. That will turn the retro piece into something new and looking right for the days that we live in.

Try out new things
We all have some things in our wardrobes that are like dinosaurs – those pieces of clothing have been there for ages and we love them and wear them as often as possible. But that doesn’t do us any justice. Of course no one is saying that you should try to have a wardrobe like Carrie Bradshaw and buy everything in the world that is impractical, but it is important to look around for new things and try new styles every once in a while.

Change your drugstore glasses
Glasses look so good on many of us. They can be a fashionable accessories to our outfit. Designers tend to make new and new forms, shapes and designs that could pump up our looks. If you are one of those people that need reading glasses and own a pair that you bought at a drugstore, please throw them away ot keep them just at home. It is a fashion crime to wear those outside the house, no matter what your style or age is. You can find amazing pair on your budget through out seasonal sales and even without them. Go out and try as many pair as you can imagine until you just fall in love with some glasses that give a modern spin to your look and make your face even more beautiful.

Stop over plucking your eyebrows – look at Cara Delivigne
Some time ago it was very modern to have thin eyebrows with a high arch. But not anymore. Thicker and fuller eyebrows nowadays seem way more adequately for the time we live in. You can’t see any model on the runway or in magazines with thin almost not there eyebrows. To achieve a thicker and more strong eyebrow game use a brow product – shadow, pencil or a gel. It will help settle your look. Think about the super model Cara Delevigne – she was the one that set the trend and can you argue with her eyebrows?

How you look depends only on you. But you should always look outside into the bigger picture. Your whole look shouldn’t be way too sexy or too trendy, because that doesn’t do any justice. Keep in mind that you should feel good in your skin and your clothes. Outfits that don’t feel well probably don’t look the part. Find what is best for you and enjoy it!