5 Things Your Hairstyle Says About You


There are a lot of things that can reveal your personality, like the day on which you were born, your zodiac sign, your favorite color, or even your favorite animal. All of these things and many more can reveal your personality to the outside world, and even to you if you are still wondering who you are and what traits of your personality you should change if you want to improve. Researches have found that your personal style can show your personality, too. You probably think that it is normal your way of dressing to reveal a thing or two, but did you know that your hairstyle can do the same thing? Read carefully and decide if this is so.

1 If you have red hair, then you are FUN

You have probably heard people saying that blondes have more fun. Well, now it is time this to be refuted. It turns out that red-hair women are a lot of fun. There are less and less people in the world who naturally have red hair, but even if you dye your hair red, you are part of this group. Maybe because red in general is more playful and sensual color, the representatives of red-hair group hate to be bored. They have a great sense of humor and are the heart of the party. They are very outgoing and prefer not to take a lot of things seriously. They want people to like them and maybe this is because they are sometimes afraid of rejection. Well, now we know why Ariel was painted with red hair.

2 Curly-hair people are BORN LEADERS

People say that women like that kind of hair which they do not usually have, for example if they have straight hair, they would love to have curly one, and if they have curly hair they would love to have straight one. Curly hair in general is harder to maintain than straight one, but women with curly hair have some advantage than the other women. Curly hair is quite rare and it shows that their owners are very kind and nice. They are also quite generous and do not like to waste their time, they prefer to complete their tasks first and then have some time for relaxation. They are also very passionate people who have good intuition and maybe this is why they are born leaders. One trait of their character is that they could be sometimes bossy, but you can hardly get mad at them.

3 Having thick hair means that you have strong WILLPOWER

Unlike thick eyebrows who do not go well with every type of face, thick hair looks good on everybody and maybe this is why it is every woman’s dream to have thick hair. If you are one of the lucky ones who attract some envious looks on the street because of your strong and thick hair, then it means you have also strong willpower. People with thick hair are also known to be full of energy and yet stubborn. They know what to do and how to do it and would not allow anyone imposing their opinion on them. These people are also fans of all kinds of sports, including extreme ones, because they have too much energy they need to get rid off. Interestingly enough, these people are known for having a lower sex drive even with all of their energy. Is this so, we leave the answer to you.


4 Women with medium-length hair are good THINKERS

Women with these hairstyles in combination with a casual wavy hair love to think logically. Even if this word is not one of their most-used words, they always have in mind the logic of a situation or a problem. This hairstyle shows that they do not have time for the boring everyday routines, like putting makeup of having your hair cut when you have split ends. It is not that they are scruffy, their personality is just bigger than that. These women value people with common sense and not the ones who are very reckless. These people are also quite competitive and want to reach their goal at all costs. Think of Albert Einstein’s hair and how untidy it was, and he was a genius.

5 Wavy-hair girls are CREATIVE

We could say that wavy-hair girls combine some of the positive qualities of women with thick hair and women with curly hair, they are very energetic but are not that competitive like the thick-hair girls and are kind and nice, but not passionate and bossy like the curly-hair women. Women with wavy hair are very emotional, they can be easily hurt, so you should be very gentle with them. They are this kind of people of whom people say they cannot even hurt a fly, and they are right. If you want to have a relationship with such women then you should have a deeper and emotional connection, rather than just a physical one, but sometimes they just need some time for themselves alone. These women are also very creative and innovative. You can usually find them at home, doing something different every time.