5 Trends For Winter


My favorite season is finally here and I can‘t wait to start wearing all of my winter coats and boots!

For me, winter is the season when you can show your style and experiment with patterns, colors and layers the most and that‘s why when winter time comes, I don‘t miss following the new trends and using the designers‘ new collections as inspirations for my own style.

This winter there are so many trends you can follow that you can miss the mark if you try combining them in a single outfit. That‘s why I‘m going to share with you 5 winter trends that you should definitely incorporate in your wardrobe to look stylish and fashionable!

Double layered coats

Double layered coats are the thing that will keep you warm in the cold days of the year. Double layered coats are perfect for days when you don‘t have time to get dressed and need something trendy and stylish at the same time.

They‘re so popular because of the way they look – one piece of clothing that looks like 2 layered pieces. Designers recommend that you choose a coat with two completely different layers – the base layer should be a nude color and the layer over the base should be a contrasting color that goes with the nude.

Biker jackets

Biker jackets have always been a part of our winter closet because of how versatile they are and how easily they can be styled. The length of the biker jacket in winter shouldn’t be above the waist to keep you warm. When it comes to zippers and buttons, this year diagonal zippers are in style and buttons are used only on the collar. Pockets are positioned vertically or sideways and sometimes they‘re even missing.


One of the most modern materials for the winter season is suede. This year suede clothes have their place in the collections of all the designers presented during the Fashion week in New York. Popular colors for this season will be yellow, all shades of brown and orange.

Monkstrap shoes

Monkstrap shoes were a part of every fashionable men‘s closet and now many women used to wear them. Now, monkstrap shoes are a „must“ for women who want to look classy and stylish. Monkstrap shoes must be worn with trousers, which are narrowed at the bottom and, if you want, you can combine the look with some cute socks that will peak through the trousers.

Round bags

Round handbags, which conquered the catwalks in the spring, will be very fashionable this winter. They are small in size and usually have s long, thin strap. They can have different metal elements and fringes for decoration. The colors you should choose from are nudes, browns, greys and reds. Black is also a choice if you want to stick to a more traditional look.