6 Dating Rules You Should Break as Fast as You Can


Dating has its rules as much as we do not like it. We just make it way too complicated than it should be. Guys and girls think too much about what the other person will think about them that at one point we lose our identity and try to be someone else. Here are top six rules you should break if you want to have a decent relationship.

  1. Do not ask a guy out

And why not? If I ask my grandmother, she will tell me that back in her youth descent girls did not do it. But now we live in the 21st century. If you want to ask a guy out, just do it. Besides,guys nowadays are so faltering that if you do not ask them out, they may never do it. So, you are the one who should take control.

  1. The man must pay the bill

Yes, it is true that this could be taken as a sweet and gentleman-like gesture but do not allow it every time. You should be an independent and strong woman. You can try paying the bill once, just to show your man who’s the boss.

  1. Wait until the third date for sex

This is a myth some glossy magazine wrote down some 20 years ago. For everyone is different. It this is the right guy for you and you feel it, you can have sex with him even after the first date. It also does not mean that you should do it even if you are not ready just because it is the third date. It is your life we are talking about, so take control.

  1. Do not accept a last-minute invitation

And why not? Just because you are afraid the guy will think of you as a desperate woman who is waiting for him to call her? No, you may just be in a mood of going out. And maybe he really wants to see so. You will not find out unless you accept the invitation.

  1. Lie if you have met online

Actually a lot of people these days meet online. Internet dating is a huge phenomenon. So, why should you lie to your friends and family? There is nothing to be ashamed about. You found your soul-mate, then celebrate, not worry about what other people will think of you. After all, life is not at all like the one in the movies.

  1. Give every possible suitor a chance because he may be The One

If you do not like a guy and if you even cannot stand him, then why give him a chance? You may just break his heart and give him hopes. He may seem a really nice guy, but it may as well not be your type. It is better to end the torture at once.