6 Steps That Will Keep You Wrinkle Free


It does not matter how old we are, 65 or 25, we should always take care of our skin so that we do not have wrinkles. The sooner we start taking care of our skin, the lesser will be the number of problems.

More and more young women have problems with dark circles under the eyes. So if you do not want to be one of them, then you should learn a few tricks that will help you look at your best no matter what the time offers you. And you should turn these tricks into your habits for maximum results.

And here they are!

  1. Wash your face with water and soap before going to bed

You may think that washing your face with soap is a bad idea if your skin gets dry or irritated by soap, but this is not true unless you do not use special soap that hydrates your skin. You should moisturize it and at the same time to remove the oil and dirt that is on your face.

If you want to have healthy and shining face skin even later in your life, and of course, to be wrinkle-free, the best way to clean it is with soap. It will not take you too much time and the results will be great.

The most important thing is not to forget to rinse it well after this. And speaking of rinsing…

  1. Rinse your face well

After you have washed your face with soap, it is time to rinse it well. And you could do this more than one time a day, at least two times. But not too many times, because this way your skin will get used to it and will start producing even more oil than normally. When you are rinsing your face, do it with a lot of water. Do not forget to rinse well this part of your face that is more oily.

And another important rule you should remember is to use wart water, but never hot. When you are rinsing your face with warm water, you increase the blood flow in your face. This way you open up your pores, and you can clean them better than when it is with cold water.

  1. Now add some ice

After you have washed your face with warm water and you have opened up your pores, it is time to add some coolness. Wash your face with cool water now. Cold water helps your skin because it makes it preserve its youthfulness.

Then you can use some more of the power of the cold – get a couple of ice cubes and roll them around your eyes, and especially the area under your eyes where your skin is very gentle and needs some more support.

The coldness will close the blood vessels and will make your skin smoother.

  1. Towel-dry your face

After you are ready with your rinsing, it is time to dry your face. Many people forget about towels when they need to dry their face, and just let it stay like this and dry on its own. But it is better to use a towel to dry it, because this way you will remove the dead skin cells of your face and you will make room for the new, fresh ones. Gently rub the skin upwards, opposite the direction of gravity.

Of course, you will not be completely able to trick gravity, but at least you will help. So, do not think that you are hurting your skin, on the contrary, you are helping it.

  1. Apply other products

It would have been great if time does not leave any sign of it on our face, but this unfortunately is not so. Gravity pulls our skin, thus leaving its old and hanging. If you want to slow down this process, you should use additional products to help you.

The best products once are that contain vitamins and minerals, like green tea. Tea bags and cucumber have great effect on your skin, especially in the area under the eyes. There are a lot of products you can use, like creams and roll-on. If your problem is too serious, you can go to a dermatologist to ask for an advice.

  1. Wear sunglasses

It is great when the fashion accessories we wear are not only stylish, but also helpful. This is the case of sunglasses and hats. One of the best ways to protect your under eye area from the sun is to wear sunglasses.

If you want, you can also wear a hat which will protect your eyes even more. The good part is that the shades will not only protect your skin, but your eyes as well, while the hat will protect your head.

And besides, you can always hide from the paparazzi with these two beauties.