16 Spring beauty trends

spring trends

Maybe it is hard for you to imagine that spring is coming soon while there is still snow on the ground and the temperatures are definitely not your idea for warm weather.

But fashion waits for nobody and fashion designer have already prepared their fashion collections, some of which are already in the stores.

Here is what to look for this season. You could also try experimenting and even if some of the trends are not typical for you you could still try them. I guarantee you that after this article your desire for the warmer part of the year to come will be even greater.

After all, who does not want to get into the fresh and lighter spring clothes after being stuck in thick sweaters for several months?!


This trend is very interesting and at the same time extremely comfortable and flattering women’s bodies. The fabric of the dresses is the same as the one shirts have but they are longer and look like dresses.

Choose some suitable accessories also – a thin belt on your drop waist, a small shoulder bag or even a clutch. As for the shoes, pick a pair of sandals and you will look like you have just walked out of a fashion magazine.


yellow spring dressThis vibrant and fun color is one of the leading ones this season. Do not think that this is not for you and only children wear yellow. There is some good news for you – there is a shade of yellow for each one of us.

No matter what your skin type is, you can easily find a piece of clothing that will compliment your body. It is also not necessary to be dressed in yellow from head to toe, you could have just a small yellow accessory, like a scarf. But if you are bolder trying to wear a yellow dress on a special evening. You will be surprised how many compliments you are going to receive.

Blue eyes (bright eyes)

Here is another very interesting trend. No, I am not talking about wearing colored contacts so that those of you who do not have blue eyes can follow the trends. I am talking about some blue eye makeup.beautiful blue eyes

You could apply some blue liner on your upper lash line or you could create the deep smoky eye. This makeup is best for women with hazel, brown or green eyes to make a contrast.

When you want to accentuate your eyes, you probably put some mascara and strong eyeliner. How about this time, or better yet this season, you forget about the usual black color and try with a more vibrant one. Whether you choose neon or pastel colors, they all will be the right ones for you this season.

You can experiment with a color you have never thought belonged to your eyes, like blue or red and you will still be rocking it. You could even use 2 different eyeliner colors for brighter and fresher look.

Scarlet fever

Again, we have a strong and bold color, but since spring have been one of the warm seasons, you are absolutely allowed to be colorful.

A strong red lip is perfect for a night out with friends or for a romantic dinner, but you can also wear it during the day, just apply not so dark red shade. For a finishing touch puts a red flower in your hair. That way you will look fresh and absolutely in a spring mood.

Barbie face

You probably remember when you were younger how much you wanted to look like a barbie doll.

Well, some of us still want it and they will be very much glad to hear that one of this spring’s fashion trends involves also a Barbie face. Or it could be also called “doll face” because of the long (false) lashes and the full pink lips. If you have not yet tried falsies or you have thought that pink lipstick is for girls at the age of 15, this season you could try it yourself without fearing that you will look ridiculous – on the contrary, you will be fashionable.

Strong warrior princesses

This season every woman’s taste can be satisfied. When it comes to fashion, of course. From Barbies who are very feminine and girly, we move on to the stronger female warriors.

If you want to have this look, try an origami hairdo, tie all of your hair up and use hair gel to keep it together. If you are not completely sure what I am talking about, look at the collections of Carolina Herrera and Calvin Klein.

Kimono style

Loose clothing is absolutely popular this season. And in combination with far Eastern culture the result is kimono style trench coats. The great thing about them is that they are long and can cover up some flaws of your body which you want to hide.

Spring styleAnother thing about them is that in spring the weather is still not so warm as in the summer, so you still need a coat. These kimonos can do the job perfectly and since they have been spotted all over the runways this season, you will look like a fashion star.

Darker makeup

Try stronger and darker makeup, especially when it comes to your eyes. Nowadays eyeliners are so popular that it has become one of the basics in makeup techniques.

There are a lot of eyeliners so you can try a lot of different methods until you find the perfect one for you. Be bold. Applying this combination in combination with the strong warrior princess hairstyle, you will look really strong, and let me tell you, no stranger in the dark will take the risk of attacking you.

One-shoulder cuts

Some women love this trend, while others not so much because, as they say on of your shoulders will be cold and the other – warm. However, there is more to the one-shoulder cuts than the feeling of being cold or not. Shoulders are sexy and can be the sexiest part of your body. You can absolutely pick up a guy without too much effort, just show him some flesh (your naked shoulder, of course). They are perfect for a date night.

Now that officially it is spring, we can look at all the trends for the season without worrying that we have to wait for another week or two to try them on. As you know, spring is the season of rebirth. Everything comes to life in the spring, including fashion with all its colors. This is your opportunity to let go and try something that you have not tried before. Get out of your comfort zone for once and try some of these spring trends.

Rich and bold lipstick

If you were not too bold to try some strong and rich shades in the winter when they were also in fashion, here is another opportunity for you and this time you will have no excuses not to try them. When you are wearing so rich lipstick the focal point of your face become your lips.

If you usually like to accentuate your eyes and not your lips, this will be a fresh change for you. And remember that sometimes you can have both a strong eye and a strong lip.

Low ponytail

Good news for all ponytail lovers is that now they have a number of ponytails to choose from, including low ponytails. They have made a powerful comeback with this season’s fashion trends.

All you need to do is to tie your hair at the level of your neck. It is super easy and fast and at the top of that – one of this season’s top trends.

“No makeup” makeup

Have you read some of the articles saying “Celebrities without makeup”?

The truth is that some of them are actually wearing makeup and that is why they do not look pale. This technique “no makeup” makeup only means that you still have makeup on but it is very light. It makes your face look fresh and your skin tone is even but not with a gallon of concealer. Do not focus on the products you use, better yet focus on your face instead.

Slick hair

If you want to look like you have just walked out of the cover of a magazine, try to slick back your hair with some gel. It is very convenient and trendy this season and will help you when you want to cover up your greasy hair. The natural oils of your hair will mix with the gel and the only thing left for you to do is style it. Put the gel on the crown of your head and comb it back, or you could style it only with your fingers. If you want to combine some of this season’s trends, you could also tie your hair in a ponytail.

Cute chignon

There are more that one way you can make a chignon and it is not always necessary to think about them as only ballerina bun which can be quite strict or messy buns which can be so messy that you would not like anyone outside your home to see you like this.

This season you can do one that is secured on the back of your neck and not the top of your head (as you see the trend with the low ponytail repeats again) and you can add some accessories to make it look even fresher.

Natural beach look

We have decided to dedicate this trend to the more casual beachy look. You have probably noticed that when you go to the beach your hair gets a bit wavy.

This is because of the salt water. One of this spring’s trends is the more casual and natural look with a pinch of flirt. Make a side partings and create these waves either with a hairdryer or with a curling iron.

Braids chic

Braids are often rumored to be very difficult to make. Actually, it is not that difficult when you have enough practice and when you learn the basic steps. Three-strand brand, for example, is very easy to do and it is also very chic. It would be perfect for this season.

It will make you look more different. Last but not least, braids will protect your hair from strong winds and even some drizzle so do not forget it to include it in your list of hair-skills.