A Hair Masterpiece


I don’t show you often too complicated hairstyle, but when I do, they are extremely difficult and require many skills, perfect condition of the hair and a lot of time. Don’t let this introduction to scare you away. This hairstyle is truly amazing and it will be a waste if you just pass by without even trying it. Let me show you the tutorial first and then you can decide if you like the hairstyle enough to spend your time on creating it. Just follow the steps:

  • Step one: Prepare the hair.
    This hairstyle requires perfectly straight hair, so you know what does that mean – the flat iron will be your first tool, but before working the hair with it, protect it with a thermal protective product.
    When you are done straightening the hair, brush it nicely to the back and grab a small elastic band, because you will need it for the next step.
  • Step two: The half updo.
  • Tie the top section of hair into a half updo at the back of the head. Make a hole above the hair band and pull out the tail through that whole. Divide the tail in two equal section.
  • Step three: A lot of braids.
  • Divide each half in two – one bigger and one thinner hair section. Braid them both into regular braids. Now do the same with the other half – divide and braid.
  • Step four: Shape the decoration.
  • Now you will have to create a shape of heart at the back of the head with the braids. It is easy, all you need is several bobby pins.
  • Secure the shape with the bobby pins and tie the four braids into one ponytail at the neck area of the hair. Remove the braided sections of the low ponytail and hide the hair band with a strand from the tail.

All done! Enjoy the look!

long 4