Beauty Hacks to Save The Day


There are some tricks you can do considering all beauty connected problems, that will be so helpful for you that they will save your day and a total disaster. Sometimes our days just don’t go as planned and so does everything that has something to do with us, including beauty and makeup. But when something breaks or you have a problem what do you do? Do you think how to fix it fast by yourself or do you panic? Well,don’t! Here is how to fix everything.

  • Chapstick to soothe a dry nose

So every one of us in the winter probably gets the cold. Then we use a lot of tissues and we blow our noses. And then we get an awful redness around the nose, that you can’t imagine how dreadful it yet. So the same way that a chapstick helps your lips in tough times, it can do the same thing for your nose and around the nose area. Just use your finger to grab some of the balm and apply it in the dry areas.

  • Exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush

So our lips very often get too dry and chapped. And as the body and face they do need exfoliation. Some cosmetic brands nowadays offer ready to apply mouth scrubs. But the easiest way to do that exfoliation every day is by using your toothbrush. Just when you brush your teeth ,use circular motion on your lips. This will soften them and remove the dead cells.

  • Remove eye puffiness with cucumbers or green tea bags

Those mornings when you just wake up with puffy eyes and dark circles are awful. But there is a solution that will help your case and it might actually save the situation as a whole. One of the things you could do is to use slices of a freshly cut cucumber taken out of the fridge. It should be from the fridge, because the cold and water in a mix together will help you best. Just put them over your eyes and leave them for a minute or a couple. You could do the same thing with green tea bags, but keep in mind they should be cooled down from the hot water.

  • Hand sanitizer to combat a shiny face

The hand sanitizer has many ingredients that will smooth your face. So if you don’t have a primer or left yours at home and need one right away – this is your solution. And the fact is that the hand sanitizer will also provide you with a great amount of protection. Also , it will give you a beautiful glow, that every woman needs.

  • Greek yogurt to cure a pimple

If you haven’t done that one you will swear by it after the first time you try it out. So go to the fridge and get a dab from a Greek yogurt (the more natural it is the better). Then apply it over your pimple. Leave the whole pimple game like that for around 20 minutes. This will give the yogurt time to dry and work its magic. Then rinse with warm water.