Braided Ballerina Bun


Buns are easy to be made. Especially the messy ones. But there is just something special and lady-like about the ballerina buns. So next time you are wondering with your hair here is an idea, how to make the classic ballerina bun with a twist.

  1. Start by putting your hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Make sure that there are no flies and everything is tight.

  2. From the two sides of the ponytail grab two small sections. The main part that stays in the center should be twice as bigger than them.

  3. Braid each small lock towards the side is on. Secure the ends with some bobby pins. Let them braids down and secure them together with a bobby pin, so that they don’t interfere with the rest of the hair.

  4. Now you will need a bun sponge. Many people use those (or something like it made by a sock; I advise you to get the real thing). It is good to be in your hair color or similar to is, so that if it shows somewhere it won’t be that noticeable.

  5. Put the sponge on your ponytail (main part) and roll until you get a perfect bun. If needed secure with a bobby pin.

  6. Now it is time to use those braids. Separate them and twist them around the bun. But don’t twist them together. One should follow the other so that it doesn’t become a thick layer around the bun.

  7. After you reach their ends, just use the bobby pinks you used them to secure them, so that you can stick them to the head. It will be best if you could hide the bobby pins into the bun or underneath it.

  8. Spray some hairspray to secure the whole thing. And then just enjoy. It could be used fro a dance class or any occasion you feel like wearing a bun at.