Can You Cope With Wearing These 10 Insane High Heels

high heels shoes

Some people say that pain is beauty but sometimes high fashion has so crazy ideas that we start asking ourselves whether fashion is worth the pain. You probably have seen a lot of shocking designers’ decisions but now we give 10 more and in the end of the article think about if you can cope with wearing these high heels at least for a day.

These shoes look very, very hard to walk in. Big platform shoes were in fashion when Spice girls were rocking the stages. I do not know whether the designer were inspired by them and just wanted to add a little twist with a bunch of ropes but they look heavy, literally.

These ballet heels were designed by a fan of this classical dance. They look very interesting and creative but I cannot imagine a person making even one step with these two.

Talk about heat in the summer, with these heels your feet won’t have the chance to get wet not even once. But the question is how much time can you wear them before your feet start bleeding.

Walkers on your feet – very innovative idea. Maybe the designer wants to give us a hint of what is yet to come in the future if we do not take care of our feet properly. Talking about paradoxes here…

Never thought that chains from a dungent can be used in such a way. This will make the people around you scared of what you can do to them. If this is your choice of shoes wonder what your punishments will be.

These heels are very playful. They bring us back in our childhood when we wanted to be like boys and wanted to throw pebbles with slings. These shoes probably also symbolist that the woman wearing them is not so innocent as she may seem.

These heels are a little scary but I found a very interesting fact. These shoes are like goat feet and there are some beliefs that goats are are symbols of the evil and the devil. One hell of a woman will choose to wear them for sure.

Tongues coming out of the shoes? Why not. This can be a very smart present for one of your girlfriends that loves to talk and you cannot shut her mouth up. If you are the talkative one in the group, well just smile and wear them at least once.

Leather almost all the way up to your knee but your toes are on the ground, with a round heel – I want to meet the brave girl walking in those beauties.

If you thought that the previous pair of heels were a challenge, I wonder what you think about these two high heels. And that is what they really are – high heels, or better yet two nails and some chains. It makes my feet hurt just looking at them.