Extraordinary French Manicure


Step One:

Prepare the nails for the decoration by shaping them with a nail file; removing the dry cuticles by exfoliating and wooden stick; applying a base coat.

This procedure is necessary if you want to save the nail art last longer. And when you see the final result at the picture, I’m sure that you will want to save it longer.

The nail cuticles are all over the nail bed, because they are elastic and they stick to the nail while it grows out. The wooden stick removes these cuticles while you rub the nails with it. And if the nail cuticles are still on the nail when you paint it with the polish, after a few days, when the nail is outgrown enough, the cuticles will start to lift the layer of nail polish and make it crack or chop out, especially at the moon area of the nail bed. Now you see why it is so important to remove these cuticles with the wooden stick.


Step Two:

Paint the base color. In our case, this color is the red one. If your nail polish is not opaque, apply two coats. Let the base red color dry completely before you move to the Step 3.


Step Three:

Now take the strips that you usually use for your French manicure, but don’t stick them horizontally at the nail tip, stick them vertically – close to the nail side. Paint the gap side with black nail polish. Wait a few seconds and remove the stick.


Step Four:

Now pour one drop of snowflake nail polish in plastic piece or tinfoil. Use a dotting tool to pick up only one white dot from the big drop and stick it at the base of the black side of the nail. Stick dots alongside the black line.


Step Five:

Apply a thick layer of topcoat in order to save the nail art last longer.



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