Eyeshadow Basics You Should Know


When it comes to makeup a ‘How to’ is a girls best friend. Every self respecting female should get to know new thign from time to time in order ot up her game for her looks and actually everything else. For example when you are cooking you probably follow a recipe. So why shouldn’t you follow one for you looks to?

When it comes to makeup things can be tricky, no matter what exactly you decide to do. Everything from applying foundation, to eyeshadow to eyeliner has some small tricks that make your whole look flawless. So let’s talk some eyeshadow basics. I think this one will be good for all of you out there!

  1. Let’s start with the primer. You should apply the primer the whole lid – from the lashline to the eyebrow arch – as shown in the picture (into the dots).
  2. After the primer you should apply a base eyeshadow. A base eyeshadow is one that is very close to your natural skin color. This will create a subtle base and make it easier to continue with your eyeshadow routine.
  3. There are three main points for the lightest color that you apply. As shown on picture 3 – under the arch of your eyebrows, at the inner corner of the eye and just at the middle of the eye on the upper lashline. This will most definetely give a more awake look.
  4. When it comes to darker colors the rules are different. You should apply them at the outter coner of the eye un a form that kind of looks lina a ‘U’. Use a smaller and denser brush to apply your darker colors. That way you are in control, not your product.
  5. Now it is time for some blending. Use a bigger and more flufier brush. That way the blending is done the best. Blend as much as you can and as much as you like. The more your eyeshadow is blended the better your final look will be. The blending is best done with some circular movements. That way the shadow goes on all the right places.
  6. Your under eye shadow should be matching with either the darker or the lighter color you have already applied, but never use a different color. Grab a small brush. An angled one should do the job best. Start at the middle of the lower lashline and blend it in with the eyeshadow on the upper lashline.

And there you go. You now know the basics when applying eyeshadow. Remember to take it slow so that you don’t make any smudges and the look is a good one. Any eyeshadow look you can finish with some mascara. How much you put on you can decide on your occasion.