Fancy Bouffant For Elegant Look


The proper care for your look is something that you have to put high on your priority list. The proper look is a combination between many things,  you have to take care of every little detail, which will fulfill the whole picture. For instance, your perfect makeup will look ridiculous on your face if there is no proper hairstyle to flatter your facial features. To prevent such a mistake, it will be wise of you to make a flattering hairstyle, how about this bouffant, which is perfect for a party night, take a look:

You shouldn’t associate the chignons only with formal hairstyles, they can be adjusted to more casual events, like a Saturday party night. The particular one, down below, is exactly like this, and also, it is really easy to be created. You will need teasing comb, hair spray and bobby pins.

  • First of all, wash your hair, if it is greasy, the effect will be ruined. Another way to remove oiliness is to apply dry shampoo to the roots. It will absorb the oils and your hair will look freshly washed. The dry shampoo is a time saver.
  • Then work on the bangs area of the hair. Make a fluffy bouffant. Use the back-combing technique with the teasing comb and don’t forget to apply hair spray in order to save the volume last longer. Secure the bouffant with bobby pins.
  • Now separate the crown section of hair and make another bouffant but this time bigger. Do the teasing and spraying  routine twice. Secure it again with bobby pins.
  • Now tie the rest of the hair into a ponytail at the back of the head, just below the second bouffant. Make a twisted bun out of the ponytail. Again – bobby pins to secure the twisted bun.

All done! Enjoy the look and have a great time at that party!