Low Bun

Casual low bun

You are a highly respected businesswoman. No matter how strong is your wish for having casual and wild look, you just can’t afford it, your work is the one that makes you go chic, neat and serious. But under that look you can still create the sense of a young, funny woman, who wants to show that wild child inside her. A perfect solution for this situation is this fancy, yet young-looking bun.

Casual low bun

Just follow the steps:

  • Brush your hair nicely, use mousse with smoothing effect in order to organize the shorter and the flying hairs. Gather the hair at the neck area and tie it with a hair band. Apply again of that smoothing mousse if it’s necessary.
  • You can always add a casual touch to your office look if you are tired and bored with the everyday hairstyle, makeup and clothes. Just learn how to spice the things properly. After all, there are certain rules about the office look and you should follow them, but you can play with the details and still have your personal style be visible to the others. That’s how you won’t lose yourself. Have fun!

Low braided bun

You, girls, often run out of time. And often you don’t know how that thing happened. The most logical explanation is that women have less than 24 hours a day than the men. I can’t really come up with another reason for us always being late.

Low braided bunFortunately, we have our little beauty tricks, which help us look great and be on time (or at least not too much later). I want to share with you my experience with you and then you will be able to share your experience with me:

  • If the nail polish on your nails is still wet, dip your fingers in ice-cold water for a minute and they will be all dried out.
  • Use a business card to make a fast and precise flick of the eyeliner.
  • Prepare your outfit the night before.
  • Use red lipstick for your blush if the container of the blush isn’t anywhere near you.
  • Remove puffiness with a peppermint tea or glass full of water and the juice of half fresh lemon and drink one of those beverages.
  • Make sure you have always in your house a dry shampoo against oily roots.
  • Learn how to make an elegant hairstyle for less than 5 minutes. Like this one:

Low Braided Bun How to

  • Brush your hair to the back and tie it into a low, loose ponytail.
  • Twist the hair band backwards and prong it into a hole at the base of the neck. Pull the tail in order to tighten the knot. Spread the head in order to make it look fluffy and thick.
  • Then braid the rest of the tail and wrap it around the hair band.
  • Secure it with bobby pins.
    I hope those tips will be useful for you and help you to be less late and more gorgeous. Enjoy!

Beautiful low bun

This hairstyle is not difficult, it doesn’t require any fancy skills or specific tools. You will need your hands and attention to follow the steps properly in order to get it right, because there is a lot of twisting, tying, tucking and separating. In the first picture you can see the final result. If you like it, just keep scrolling and you will see the steps. But first, let me explain you the prep procedure:

If you want to make it right, you have to create a proper texture of the hair. Which in our case is the straight glossy hair. You can achieve that effect with smoothing mousse and flat iron. But if you want to use the flat iron, you will have to put a thermal protector first in order to prevent any deep damage to the hair.

And when the texture of the hair is ready for the hairstyle, you start following the steps.

  •    First tie the hair into a high ponytail. Don’t tie it too tight.
  • Make a hole between the hair band and the head and tuck in the ponytail through that hole as it is shown in the picture.
  •    Then divide the tail into two equal parts and tuck in each part of the right and left sides of the twist.
  • Then tuck in the parts of the tails through the bun until the whole length of the tail is gathered into a gorgeous bun.
  •    Secure everything with bobby pins, but try to hide the pins, because it will look more elegant and professional if the pins are hidden. You can even use golden bobby pins if your hair is light.
  •    At the end spritz the whole bun with hair spray. This will tame the flying hairs and the hairstyle will last longer.

All done! Enjoy the look!