Fix The Mistake With Some Color


Sometimes we make beauty mistakes, like squeezing too hard a pimple, which causes a redness, or we draw a smudgy eyeliner and other. The mistake is nothing to worry about, because often we have the ability to fix that mistake.

Let’s talk about eyebrows. If you over-pluck the brows, or just don’t like the  shape of your natural brows, you can always create the shape you like with this easy tutorial and also, your brows will look as natural as they always do, but with the small difference that they will look better than before. Take a look:

The brows are the frame of your face and you know it very well  that a great picture won’t look the same way if put in an ugly frame. The same rule applies to your face too.
For this tutorial you will need several tools and products:

  • Old and clean mascara brush;
  • Dry brow color;
  • Flat brush;
  • Water;
  • Clean makeup brush.

Let’s get started.

  1. Brush the brows upward with the clean mascara brush.
  2. Then outline the brow with the brow color and the flat brush. Dip the brush into the water and then dip it into the color. Outline the bottom brow line.
  3. Then fill in the brow with the brush to make it bold and intense.
  4. Shape the tail of the brow with the flat brush.
  5. Comb the brow again upwards with the mascara wand to remove any excess color. This little trick will make the brows look as natural as it is possible.
  6. Then use the clean makeup brush to highlight the area around the brow. This way it will pop out and look more intense.
  7. The lifting of the hairs is creating a bushy effect of the brows, which is really trendy right now.
  8. Your brows are all shaped and colored and you can enjoy your day with a great look!