Fuller Lips With This Simple Trick

Fuller lips

Almost every woman with thin looking lips, want them appear bigger. I think that Angelina Jolie is responsible for this problem. If she wasn’t so absolutely gorgeous with her plump, enormous lips, maybe we would never like to make our lips bigger.

Unfortunately, she looks amazing, and unfortunately, we adore her look, especially the lips. And fortunately, we have our makeup tricks for making our lips appear bigger without the need of a plastic surgery intervention. See how it’s done the easy way:

  • Smooth the skin of the lips and remove any dry cuticles. We are going to achieve natural looking lips, without a color, but any bad condition of the lip skin will ruin the whole effect. So, the lips must be soft and smooth. You can rub them with a bought lip scrub (like this one for example) or you can do it yourself with ingredients that could be found in any house – sugar and honey. Stir one tablespoon of sugar (brown or white, I prefer the brown one, because the crystals are harder) and one teaspoon of honey (not full) in a small container. Then rub the lips with the mixture for at least 30 seconds.
  • Then rinse with water and moisturize the lips right ahead with lip balm or petroleum jelly. Wait a couple of minutes while the moisturizer absorb into the skin, then remove the excess oil from the lips with a tissue. Now we have to move to the actual work.
  • Cover the lips with a matte foundation or a concealer. Outline the lips with soft brown or pink lip pencil. Then cover the lips with a lipstick that it is the very same color of your natural lip skin complexion.
  • Top them with a glossy lip balm and see the difference.
  • It’s not hard at all to achieve any kind of look as long as you try to stay as close to your natural look as you can. For instance, if you make bigger lips with a dark lipstick, it will be clear that your lips are not so big. But if you try this effect, no one will notice that you’ve faked it.Full lips

Bonus trick for fuller lips

People are childish creatures. I thought that when I grow up I won’t be in that state of mind that I have been in my toddler years, but unfortunately, it is even worse. We are just like children when we want something. We want that think especially when some other “kid” has it. You want a dress like hers, shoes like hers, even her boyfriend is better than yours.

All these factors make us look really small and insignificant, because we care too much about others properties and we forget about our best features. But if you try so hard to make a change in your look, do it with the help of your makeup, not with the skill of the surgeon.

See how to make your lips appear bigger, when you want them to be fluffier and extremely juicy, these characteristics will also make them look absolutely kissable.We’ve already talked about on how to make your lips look fuller, but here is another lesson for you.

Take a look:

  1. Start with the exfoliation. The skin of the lips must be absolutely silky smooth and soft. You can do that with one really easy recipe for homemade lip scrub. You will need only a tablespoon of sugar (both white and brown will work perfectly), just a pinch of honey, as many as you need to make a thick paste. Mix those two ingredients in a small container and then rub with your finger the paste to the lips in order to remove any dry cuticles and cracks. When you are done with the exfoliation, moisturize the lips immediately.
  2. Then the actual work is in turn. Contour the lips with a color that is similar to the natural color of the lip skin. Outline the borders of the lips a little bit. Then highlight the center of the lips and blend in a little bit.
  3. Cover that canvas with the lipstick and enjoy the results.
  4. Have fun!