How Coco Chanel Changed the Fashion Industry Forever

Коко Шанел промени света

Coco Chanel is one of the greatest women icons of all times. She was a lot more than just a designer. She was a real and amazing woman in all the means of it. Coco was one of the people who changed the whole fashion world. She was the person who can be credited for the corseted silhouette. And much more.

Coco Chanel is to this day the symbol of couture and femininity. There Is no little girl who hasn’t dreamed of wearing Chanel. There is no young girl who doesn’t dream of wearing the Chanel number 5 once she is old. There is no accomplished lady who doesn’t want to be dressed in Chanel from head to toe. And there is no old lady that doesn’t want to leave Chanel goods to her daughter and grand daughter. Coco Chanel was the start of a whole culture regarding women. It is something that you need in your life for a reason. No one knows why, but Chanel is an inspiration and is love. And it doesn’t matter if we talk about clothes, makeup or perfumes. It is what it is.

There is a reason everyone loved Coco Chanel – she was not only a great designer, but she was also beautiful and wise. Some of her words are the motto of the lives of many women. She once said “Keep your heels, head and standards high”. And that is what she did – she created high standards to be remembered by.

The Pants for Women

Did you know that women weren’t allowed to wear pants for quite a long time? Also, they fought in order to be allowed to wear pants. And they won quite a tough battle. Coco Chanel was the first woman designer who made pants for women (and you can image how beautiful they were). Chanel was the brand who created and popularized the idea of a woman with pants. And it was an elegant and feminine woman. Not one that looks like a guy.

Coco made high wasted pants that flattered every figure. It was something distinctive for her design. But once she was old, she may be regretted that a little. Coco was in love with the idea of femininity and elegance and not that women don’t look amazing in pants, but there is just something more romantic about the dresses. At an old age Coco said that the fact that over 70% of the women in the world go to a dinner date with pants is sad. And I can imagine how for a refined woman like her that looked. I actually wish I wore pants less. I would like to become the Coco Chanel of modern time and wear dresses and all that beautiful and classy stuff.

The Legendary Coco Perfume

In 1921 Coco represented to the world her first perfume. This is the first ever perfume in the world that has a scent that is not a natural one. And that was Chanel’s idea and what she wanted to achieve. That is what made it so distinctive and special. And do you know that the perfume is made to this day with the same scent it was almost 100 years ago. It is this iconic scent and perfume we all we feel special inside. It is not a scent for everyone. And it is not for young women. It is something to feel special and accomplished in.

Coco was not the first woman that made her own scent. But she was the first woman ever that made her own scent and called it after her. And this is how the big success came for it. This is why it is iconic. And do you know what, this is the reason why the biggest and most luxurious brands nowadays have perfumes named after the brand. Not after a person and not some beautiful dreamy name. Coco was all about stating that she is here to ‘win’ in some way and what can be more elegant than naming something after yourself? This is the scent of my mother and my dream of this being my scent when I am her age.

The Fake Jewels

Before Chanel started designing it was a taboo to wear jewelry that wasn’t authentic. Everyone who wore jewels did wear real pearls and real diamonds and other stones. And yes, it was amazing, I am sure. I am mad that I am not living in that era. But if we look at things clearly – there was no way to wear beautiful jewelry if you were not filthy rich. And no matter how many jewels you owned you wore only one piece at a time. And don’t get it the wrong way – Coco didn’t want to set a trend where everyone wears only fake jewelry. She just wants to shake things a little bit.

Once Coco incorporated the long fake pearl necklaces we all wear to this day and the shiny stones the trend became huge! It was everyone’s favorite thing and all the women wanted to wear them. When she represented her collections Coco puts the fake jewels. But in her own life and style she wore both authentic stones and pearls combined with fakes. She always advised that it is unique and beautiful to wear a combination of many fake jewels with one or two expensive and real jewelry. And before even knowing that she said it, I did it like that. This is what mother tell their daughters and how things should be.

The Little Black Dress

Can you imagine the world that we live in without the little black dress? I know I can’t. This is my savior in many days that ‘I have nothing to wear’. Also, it is one of the things I always can find and buy, because those dresses are both flattering and beautiful. And no matter if you are a person who loves black or not you must love that. The little black dress is a trend that is here to stay… FOREVER.

In the times that Coco Chanel lived black clothing wasn’t something that people were often or in their everyday life. Black colors were only worn at funerals. Thanks to Coco nowadays we quite often incorporate black colors in our clothing. And some of us actually wear them all the time. Coco didn’t like the bold colors and let’s not even start on the neons. No elegant woman was supposed to be seen in bold colors. Black was her color and other darks. In 1926 the iconic Vogue magazine presented to the world the little black dress. And it was a hit. It was something the people spend quite some time talking about. Some of them liked it and others hated it. But Coco loved all of that. This is a trend that was born thanks to Coco and it is something that changed the woman fashion world forever.

The Chanel Costume

This is yet another thing that Coco kind of stole from the men’s wardrobe. Coco is one of the first designers who create women’s pieces that was bold enough to make a costume for women. But it was not one of those pants bulky manly costumes. It was elegant and beautiful. This was what Coco mainly wore after she created it.

After they wore the woman lived in a world where they started to create their own rules and started to work and live the same way the man did for many years. This was the perfect time for the costumes of Coco. Women loved them, because they empowered them and made them seem tougher in this man’s world. And every time I envision Coco Chanel I see her in her costume with the long pearls around her neck and some heels. A high standardized woman who will be loved and talked about for decades. Many women who were as powerful and loved as Coco Chanel wore her costume designs – Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy. And how could they not. It is like the sign of women power!