How To: Dark Lipstick Application


If you want to apply dark lipstick, you should do it right, because the dark lipstick is capable of showing all the little flaws of your lips, for instance:

  • dry skin and dry cuticles;

  • cracked lips;

  • blackheads on the borders of the lips;

  • hairs on the upper lid;

  • pimples;

  • scars;

  • redness;

  • etc.

You can hide and fix all these flaws if you follow the steps and the tips that I’ll give you in this article. Take a look and pay attention:

  1. First of all, you have to exfoliate the lips and the skin around them. This simple process will remove the dry cuticles, it will smooth the skin; some of the fine hair from the upper lip will be gone too. You can use a homemade lip scrub. Only two needed ingredients for the homemade lip scrub: honey and white crystal sugar. Mix them and rub the lips with the mixture.

  2. Right after the exfoliation of the lips, you have to pluck the excessive hairs from the area above the mouth.

  3. Moisturize the lips and the skin around. Wait a few seconds until the petroleum jelly absorbs into the skin and then wipe off the excessive oils from the vaseline.

  4. Apply concealer to the problematic areas – pimple scars, blackheads, redness, etc. Blend in.

  5. Now, for long lasting color, apply the same color pencil to the lips. Line them and fill in with the pencil as well.

  6. And finally, apply the lipstick.

  7. You can apply one, final trick – apply concealer with a brush around the lips in order to remove any smudges. This simple trick will make the color pop out and the lipstick will look flawless.

  8. Remember! When you apply bright or dark colored lipstick, you are putting the accent of the makeup on the lips, which means that the eyes must be plain and natural looking.

  9. Enjoy!