How to Deal with Puffy Eyes

how to get rid of puffy eyes

Whether it is the lack of sleep or crying for your ex or even stress and not enough hydration, puffy eyes is something lots of women struggle with. It is a fact that more women than men suffer from the problem of puffy eyes. Also, it is apparent that women take more care of their appearance than men and they worry about the smallest flaws in their face. However, it is important to note that puffy eyes are something that you can “heal” at home without spending too much money on expensive products or time at beauty salons.

An extremely easy and interesting method is to put a towel, soaked in milk, onto the puffy area. The milk should be cold and it is very useful that cold whole milk gets rid of the swelling under the eyes. It is rich in fats which contribute to the smoothness of the skin and it also contains lots of amino acids, protein, vitamins A and D. Applying a compress like that every day for fifteen minutes, maybe before you go to bed, will successfully change the appearance of your eye area!

Egg whites can also be very useful. You need to mash the egg white until it becomes a foam and apply it on the puffy areas for ten to fifteen minutes. The protein will decrease inflammation and stimulate blood circulation in the under-eye area.

Raw potatoes are another home remedy for puffy eyes. A slice of a cold raw potato will absorb any excess liquids and it will work even if you leave it for ten minutes only.

Maybe the most famous home remedy is cucumber slices. It is no coincidence – they are extremely helpful in the fight against eye puffiness. They are rich in flan ovoids and antioxidants which heal swelling and skin irritation. Their cooling effect has a positive impact on the blood vessels since it shrinks them and gets rid of under-eye bags. You can also squeeze some cucumber juice and cool it in the fridge for twenty minutes. Then soak cotton pads in it and leave them on for fifteen to twenty minutes. The effect can be noticeable immediately!

Tea bags are the other very popular DIY solution to puffy eyes. Soak them in warm water prior to using them. You will be able to enjoy a tasty warm drink and enhance your appearance in the mean time! Do not leave them for more than-thirty minutes once or twice a week, and you will see the difference.

Last but not least, cold is one of the most effective ways to treat puffiness. For instance, you can use cold spoons over your eyes. Put two spoons in the fridge overnight and place them over your eyes in the morning for a few minutes. A towel, soaked in cold water, will also have the same effect. Cold has the ability to shrink blood vessels; thus, it can decrease swelling in the under-eye area.

So next time you are annoyed with your look, do not run to the store for a pricey eye cream and simply open your fridge or cupboard: you will enjoy the positive effect probably even sooner!