How to Determine Your Skin Tone


Understanding if you are warm or cool toned can be quite a useful skill. When you know what undertone your skin has, you can change up your appearance and pick the right color of clothes and accessories to wear.

Also, it will help you with picking out the right makeup products and shades, so that you look perfect and natural! You can have a warm (olive or golden) or cool (pink or blue) undertone. But how to determine that? Take a look at a few easy tests that will help you out:

  • The Gold and Silver test: If gold jewelry is definitely your thing and makes you look amazing, well, obviously you have a warm skin tone. Silver, on the other hand, works for cool-toned girls. If both suit your appearance, you are simply neutral (which means you can be quite versatile in your choices).
  • The Color Test: It might be hard to use this one, but you can try (maybe ask your friend?), check if jewel or pastel hues are the ones that suit you the most – in that case, you are a “cool” type. If earthy colors are more suitable, then you have warm undertones. Of course, there is a chance that you look great in both, and you are a lucky “neutral” girl!
  • The Vein Test: Take a close look of the veins under your palms, on the inside of your wrist. If their color is rather purple or blue, you are cool-toned. If they are rather green, you are warmer. If you cannot define their color, you might be neutral.
  • The Tanning Test: Usually, cool-toned girls have a harder time tanning, and they either burn easily or look pink when they go into the sun. Otherwise, you might be a warm-toned type of girl if you easily achieve the amazing bronze or olive effect once you have tanned a bit.
  • Eyes and Hair Test: Well, this is a simplified version of what we have been talking about. Cool-toned people tend to have green, gray or blue eyes with hair that is a rather “ashy” hue, if you know what we mean. Also, warm tones are associated with hazel or brown yes and rich hair colors.

After you have established whether you are cool or warm, you can use this information when shopping for foundation, for instance. We all know how hard it is to pick out the right shade that makes you look healthy and beautiful, evens the skin tone perfectly, but still looks absolutely natural. Look for shades that are more pink if you have cool undertones. In case you are a warm-toned girl, check out products, offered in a more yellow version. If you go for the opposite tone of shade, you might end up looking more unnatural, and it will not neutralize your natural skin tone.

When it comes to blush, there can also be a pattern of choices. Peachy and coral colors are more appropriate for warm-toned skin, while cool-toned skin looks better with cool pink ones. Furthermore, red or orange lipstick is better for warm skin, while cool skin requires more blue-based red or a pink color.

However, you do not need to follow these rules all the time: you can still experiment once in a while. Maybe you will realize that you are more neutral than you think and can pull off all colors of the rainbow!