How to Fill in Your Brows for a Great Look


The rising of thick, bold eyebrows has become a huge mania in the fashion world and the trend has made its way in the everyday looks of women too. Cara Delevigne has definitely played a huge role in the promoting of this look, there is no doubt.

However, we have seen lots of girls doing it wrong and getting the opposite effect. It is important to understand that not everyone can pull it off as Cara does and that not every face can carry such a “heavy burden” above the eyes.

It is also vital to know that you cannot simply leave your brow situation unattended: you need to actually shape them and take care of them as opposed to just leaving them grow. In the worst case scenario one of your brows might actually grow quicker than the other, but, oh well, makeup has a cure for that too.

Brow kits have become a must-have in stylish girls’ beauty collections, so take a look at them the next time you enter a drugstore. An eyebrow gel and pencil are the two basic products you need to purchase. Choose the color in coordination with the original hue of your brows.

So how should we fill out our eyebrows while we are growing them out?

First of all, you need to comb the brows upwards and then in the outer end using a brow brush of some sort. This technique actually helps you tame any unruly hairs over your eyes and make them look neater. If you do not want them to grow, comb them upwards and trim the parts that go out of the brow contour with a small pair of scissors.

Be very careful: you do not want to end up with bald spots! Tweeze any stray hairs, so that you shape them.

Next, fill in your brows with whatever pencil you have chosen to use with small, gentle strokes in an upward direction. The shade of the pencil should be warm and should match the color of your hair or brows. Do not worry if it is lighter than your actual brows: that is better than a darker version, since darker colors can make them too strong and you will simply look weird! Start at the arch of your brows and move towards the outer end and then go back towards the inner one. You need to follow that order because the starting point can be very visible if you start at either end.

Last, take a highlighter and apply it below your eyebrow, over the brow bone. Blend the product with a concealer brush, so that it looks natural. Highlighting this area will emphasize the arches of your brows and set things in order and shape. Finish the look with a few swipes of eyebrow gel.

Looks great right? Remember: do not draw them too much because the colors might smudge and it can also look very fake!