How to Find Out if You Have Reached Peak Comfort in Your Relationship?


You know how when you begin your relationship, there is a beautiful thrill when you are getting to know the little details from your partners’ life? You learn more about his past, his hobbies, his likes and dislikes and his experience.

Meanwhile, you are trying to portray yourself in your best light: as a gracious girl with no nasty habits and with a permanent smile on her face.

However, we all know that the “ugly truth” is far from that dreamy image we try to create in front of our new boyfriend. In fact, we can have messy hair, no makeup on, we can snort while we are laughing and even say things that a lady is not supposed to.

However, there is no harm in doing all those things when your partner becomes that special best friend. You can be yourself to the maximum. Still, it is sometimes nice to keep the “fairy-tale” atmosphere between you two for as long as possible. We all have bad breath in the morning, yes, but there are things that you can avoid for a while. After all, not removing hair from your body, or the additional weight you gain can be hidden for as long as possible and can be taken care off.

Nevertheless, there are a few signs that will show you that the level of intimacy you have reached is far too high..and you should think if it is not too early for all these little secrets to be out in the open. After all, after only in a few months you are losing the romantic infatuation, there might be something wrong and you can be heading towards some unpleasant experiences!

Yet there is something comforting to know that you have someone you do not need to feel embarrassed to do several things in front of:

First, you can skip some of the shaving part. During the cold months it is not that necessary (due to the lack of skin you show) and it also keeps you warm. If he accepts you even with some extra hair, he is worth it! Of course, there are many other things to value in a guy, but it is nice if he does not complain. If he dumps you over something like that: he was not a keeper!

Also, being able to share any kinds of health issues which can be usually embarrassing is a good thing. Period talk or issues with your digestive system are topics of a conversation you cannot just have with anyone, so it is nice when that special person can be someone to talk to about them.

Furthermore, when you have sleepovers, it is inevitable to face the reality of bad breath in the morning. Even if you have perfect mouth hygiene, no one smells like roses or mint when they wake up! When you reach the stage when that does not gross you out, it may be true love, haha!

Last but not least, if you can still kiss when you are sick, intimacy has reached a whole new level. Mucus can be gross, but love can be stronger than that, right?

Despite all these rather gross situations, if you still love each other and feel sexual attraction, you should not worry: this relationship will probably last!