How to Look Good on Photos

how to look good on photos

Photos sealed moments of happiness we experience with loved ones that we want to put in a frame and keep forever. But how do you feel when the beautiful frame is ruined by your asleep or looking somewhere else face?

I thought so.

“Delete me out of here!”, “Get me out of there!” “Tear this picture!”, “Throw that away!” – these are just a few of the things we say when we look at a photo and we look, to say the least, unpleasant, and we say all of that just because we don‘t want to admit that we just don‘t look good in photos.

But are there any tricks that can help us look better and save all of the pictures we‘re going to have in future?

Here are out tricks to look

More photogenic on pictures


If you observe carefully how the models and the stars pose when they walk the red carpet, you will notice that they occupy a specific position when the cameras are directed towards them.

The result is a thin waist, longer legs and sculpted cheekbones. To make yourself look thinner, put one foot slightly in front of the other and gently turn so that your body (including your shoulders) stands at a45 degree angle in front of the camera. Put your hands on your hips and your waist will look even thinner.

If you sit down, bend forward and put your elbows on your knees. This will hide your hips and make them appear smaller.


In many of the pictures I pose, because of the flash I look like I‘m drunk or making a funny face.

To avoid that, do not look straight into the camera and you‘ll not blink at the critical moment. Better look at the head of the photographer or behind him without twisting your head a lot.

To make your eyes look bigger close them, ask the photographer to count to three and open them. This will save you from looking sleepy in the pictures.


Do you like Vicky Beckham‘s pouted lips?

To make yours look like hers in pictures, turn to the camera and say: “uogan”. Sounds strange, but it‘s proven to work! A motionless face isn‘t always the best idea when it comes to pictures.

On the contrary!

The best photos are when a person seems excited and cheerful. Smile and forget the bad mood because everyone is more attractive when they look happy. And don‘t forget that a beautiful smile shifts the focus from small defects.


You have dark circles under your eyes?

Slightly lift your chin to avoid shadows on the face. You have a big nose?

Ask your photographer to shoot you from above, it will shrink your nose and make your eyes look bigger.


Wearing dark clothing makes you look thinner, but sucks the color of the face. Therefore select brighter colors for the upper half of the body – it will show the best shades of your skin. Do not wear too colorful pieces during as they would detract from your face.


Forget the delusion that foundation and concealer will hide all the blemishes, scars and uneven skin and you‘ll look great in photos.

Put a thin layer of foundation and a little powder on the areas which tend to get oily.

Apply blush on your cheekbones, mascara and some lip gloss.

Here is the golden rule of makeup: don‘t emphasize on both lips and eyes – choose one to make it the center of attention and go neutral with the other.