How To Relax In The Office


Sometimes your work gets a little bit tense and the best way for you to keep doing your job properly and without mistakes is to reduce the level of stress in your mind and body. There are a lot of ways to do that even without getting off the chair (but for me, the best way is to take a walk and fresh air). So, here they are:

  • Gaze a little bit outside, through the window. If you work in one room with other people, brace yourself for the questions from them about  you and what is going on, but a simple answer “I’m just thinking of something” will rescue you for the curious colleagues.  Some daydreaming or simple plans for the dinner meals will drag your attention off the stressful situation that annoyed you in the first place. Just let it go for a few minutes. Exhale, inhale. Just release your gaze to wander a little bit. It will be better if your office has a balcony or garden. Go there and check out what is happening on the street or just take a deep breath outside of the office. Try to remember a funny situation – romantic, ironic or just a goofy moment with your friends. After that small restart of your mind you will be able to continue with your tasks with more creativity and a clear mind.
  • Try to focus on small, insignificant object. It might be on your desk or somewhere around the office. You see it every day, but you have never paid enough attention to notice the little details. This will distract you from the main problem. I guarantee that even your pen could turn into the most interesting object in the world if your mind is overloaded with problems or concerns.
  • Replace the mind occupied with a physical one. Don’t worry, your spot on the chair is locked. Use your knuckles and gently tap your body with them. Nobody will notice, do it slowly and quietly. Focus your mind on the feeling. Start from the knees and move along up tin your arms. Then use your finger tips and gently tap your face. As you focus on the physical occupation you will forget about what you were doing 2 minutes ago. The stress will fly away and your body will relax.
  • Get your eyes off the monitor of your laptop or PC – draw a doodle. Get a pen and a piece of paper and just draw whatever your hand guide you. The feeling of pen and paper will bring you back to school where the daily struggles were limited to “what to wear” and “I have to do homework”. Your brain will relax and release the tension, because it will be occupied with something simple and natural –  your hand moving automatically over a piece of paper. Try it, it will work.
  • Close your eyes and … Listen. Daydream. Breathe. Scan. Analyze. Listen to the sounds around you with closed eyes will distract you from the main problem, because you will try to guess what kind of object is making a certain sound – the typing of your colleague on the keyboard, the barking of a dog, bird singing on the tree next to the window, cars honking and so on. Daydream and imagine you are on a favorite vacation place or just a place that you want to visit. Scan your body and try to remember the feeling of a warm water around you while you are in the bathtub at home. And breathe. Take a deep breath and then exhale.