How To Remove Your Makeup Easily


Don’t you just hate it when you go home and you’re tired and you have to remove your makeup? And your makeup remover doesn’t get the job done? Yes, me too! I am sick and tired of my makeup remover and want to find something new and more efficient that isn’t full of chemical and won’t let my skin feel dry and irritated. Here are some of my options:

The first thing you can try is to remove your makeup with baby wipes. Baby wipes are far more gentle on the skin and don’t have that much chemicals in them which makes them the perfect solution for people with sensitive skin. Of course, don’t except miracles, especially in the eye are, when you use baby wipes – they won’t be able to remove dark eye makeup that easily so you have to be consistent.

Olive oil is another harmless method to remove makeup. You just need to add several drops of olive oil on your palms and gently massage your face. This is the perfect way to remove light makeup and the best part is that olive oil and other natural oils is paraben-free, so you basically treat your skin without using any chemicals!

Milk is a very nontraditional, but effective way to remove eye makeup. Just pour some milk on a cotton ball and wipe your eyes gently. Don’t forget that in ancient times the rulers used to bathe in milk to keep their skin soft and forever young. And if they did it for their skin, why wouldn’t you, too?

Vaseline is one of the alternative makeup removers that really work and you can easily start using instead of your normal makeup remover. Vaseline can be used in so many different ways and one of them is keeping your skin clean and hydrated. The only problem with Vaseline is that it’s quite thick and it can clog your pores. That’s why after you’re done with removing your makeup, be sure to wash your face with a cleanser or at least with soap to remove the excessive Vaseline from your skin.

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