How To: Tape Nail Decoration


There are many ways to decorate your nails. Today I want to show you an extremely easy way to wrap your nails into beautiful decoration. The word ‘wrap’ defines the method completely, because you will need a tape for nail decorations. So, take a look at the technique and if you like the final result, you should follow these steps. Here we go:

  • First of all, you have to choose the proper design. Cut a piece of the tape in order to fit the nail perfectly, without touching the skin.

  • Wrap the nail with plastic bag and use a cuticle pusher to smooth the tape and to remove any air bubbles between the tape and the nail.

  • Now, let’s seal the deal with this trick: take a small piece of cloth, warm it with the iron and then rub the nails. This way, the glue of the tape will soften and it will stick to the nail perfectly. And when it hardens because of the cooling process, it will be almost locked to the nail. Note: do this step while the plastic wrap is still around the nail.

  • Then, file out the excessive length of the tape. Remove the strip.

You can see how easy it is to have a beautiful nail art. There is no need of some special tools, nor skills. All you have to do is to find the tape that you like and put it on the nails. Keep in mind that the tape must fit the nail bed perfectly.

This tutorial is over, but you can always come back and visit us for more great ideas, tricks and hacks not only for your nails, but also for your makeup, hairstyle, outfit and daily beauty struggles.

Have fun and be creative!