How to Travel Cheap

  • Search the Internet! You can start with websites for group shopping/vouchers or any bargain websites. First, you need to make sure that they are reliable and then pay for anything. Also, check what websites like Tripadvisor are saying: they are full of recommendations, opinions and reviews by people on places, accommodation, transport, etc. Furthermore, if you are purchasing plane tickets, go on websites that compare prices to get the best value instead of sticking to one particular airline.
  • As I mentioned airlines, I would say: go for low-cost airlines for short getaways. Carry a little baggage and you will be able to get return tickets between 20 and 50 euro. Also, be aware that travelling from Thursday to Sunday or Friday to Sunday is the most expensive: instead, take Monday off and you will get a cheaper ticket (probably!).
  • Plan your budget: have an idea of how much you can spend each day. If you are traveling for four days, for instance, splurge on meals and sightseeing two of the days, while save up on the other two.
  • Skip the souvenir euphoria! We know you would like to get every friend or relative something from that cute little European town, but most of these people do not actually care about these things: they would prefer if the objects were symbols of their own memories, not of yours. Pick a specific thing that you will buy on your every trip: a magnet, a post-card or a piece of jewelry and stick to that. Besides, you might not have enough space on your bags!
  • Avoid the traditional accommodation. If you do your research well enough, you will see that booking websites offer a lot more than simply hotels. If the purpose of your trip is seeing and experiencing new things, you do not need a fancy hotel as you will bespending most of your time exploring the new place. Search for apartments for rent or small family hotels. The apartment option is exceptionally good since you can prepare meals in the kitchen and save up on restaurants. Also, they are cozier and the memories you will create will beeven more genuine. Hostels are also an option but they are a little stranger and that takes us to the next piece of advice…
  • Travel in a group.: Usually, group offers make things cheaper. If you stay in a hostel, you will be able to have the room to yourself and not have any strangers around. Also, you will be able to split meals or get group discounts when visiting tourist attractions and sights.
  • Visit places in your own country or in neighboring countries. If you are not able to go to an exotic country on another continent, start exploring the area where you live: it will surely hold great places! You can travel by car or bus and save up on plane tickets. Traveling is a state of mind, you do not need to visit the most popular places to get an unforgettable experience!
  • Walk,walk, walk! You will notice and learn more things, save up on transport costs and get a true sense of the city or town or environment where you are going to spend your time.