How to Treat Summer Skin Problems


Summer is a great season, especially when you are on a vacation. However, sometimes a number of problems accompany it and we cannot get the full pleasure of it.

One of the most common problems during the summer are skin problems. Think of all the factors like the sun, the heat and all the sweating, insect bites, some strange bumps that you accidentally made and have no idea where or stepping over some poison ivy that could cause you a rash.

All of these are reasons why we have skin problems in the summer. The good news, however, is that for every problem there is a solution. Here are some of the most common summer skin problems and how you can treat them.


You have probably noticed that during the summer when the weather is warm and you wear shorts and T-shirts your skin itches you more than in the winter. The most obvious explanation for this is that your skin is exposed to the environment around you. There could be accidental bumps and hits and if you are wearing thick clothes you will not pay so much attention to them, but with summer wear they are much more visible and, of course, painful. Another thing is the rashes. In the summer the whole nature is at its peak, including all kinds of bugs. Mosquitoes are the most common and annoying “predators” of all insects. They do not only drink your blood, but they also inject you with their poison that make you scratch like crazy.

First of all, stop all scratching, do not even start with it. If you cannot stand the feeling just find a cure that will ease your pain, like cold water or cider vinegar, or even find something in the pharmacy. If you scratch, you can turn the pimples into wounds which will heal even more slowly.

If on the other hand, you could not see any obvious reason for your itching, your skin could be just too dry. The solution here is to apply a moisturizing cream at least every night before going to bed. As you know, the sun in the summer is much stronger, so it can have a negative effect on your skin. Always apply a sunscreen and a moisturizing cream.

Heat rash

Since I have mentioned the sun, here is the next course of having a skin problem in the summer – heat. How can you get a heat rash? The hot and humid weather is responsible. It keeps the sweat trapped under the skin, which in the end it shows up in tiny and itchy, sometimes even red bumps.

How to prevent this from happening? Just wear organic and breathable fabrics that will allow the sweat to evaporate and won’t irritate your skin. Heat rashes usually do not last long but some people have more sensitive skin than others and the rash could last longer than a week. If that happens to you, seek a medical help because you could also have some side effects like fever and swelling.

Poison ivy

Or any other bushes and herbs that can affect your skin in a negative way. Poison ivy, for example, has some ingredients like urushiol oil and poison sumac that people are allergic to. So the body’s natural reaction is to show that something is wrong and thus raised patches, itches and redness appear.

The good news is that there is no need to sit around and just wait for the rashes or redness to disappear. The first thing you need to do is wash thoroughly every part of your body that was in touch with the bush. Then do the same with your clothes, pets and any other thing that could have been in touch with it. Then you can apply some cold compresses on the wound or lotions like hydrocortisone lotion. If your body, however, does not get better in several days, seek medical help because you could have some serious allergic reaction.

Athlete’s foot

This is a fungal infection, although the name suggests something disgusting like a dirty locker room. Do not walk barefoot where a lot of people you do not know have been there also barefoot, like in the gym. Or do not ever go shoe shopping without using socks because you do not know how many people have tried these shoes and what kind of infections they have. You even can catch it when you are doing your pedicure with poorly sterilized tools. The Athlete’s foot is that fungal infection, which makes the skin between your toes constantly peel and ooze.

If you want to get rid of this nasty infection, use some anti-fungal lotions and creams. Be very careful with it and do not postpone because it may turn into a nail infection and you would have to seek medical health.


This is a common reaction of your body to all the things you can think of being allergic to, like animals, insects, pollens, or even some foods. In summer they are more common because of the strong sun and sweating can them. Hives look like small red, raised bumps and can appear anywhere on your body. The worst part is that they can spread and can get bigger.

So how to treat them? They will disappear by themselves, but you usually should not touch them or scratch them. You could also try to avoid fabrics that are not organic or complimentary for the skin and tight clothes. If this does not help and hives just spread more and more on your body, call 911 immediately. It is better to be safe than sorry.