How to Turn a Classical Shirt Into One of The Most Stylish Outfits


How many times have you seen a woman on the street wearing one of the most ordinary shirts there is, and still to look as if she has jumped out of the pages of a magazine? And still you are not one of these women. There is something special about that shirt and that turns out to be the way women wear it. Here is how you can become one of these women and turn a classical shirt into one of the most stylish everyday outfits.

One color shirt

Every woman should have a white shirt in her closet, or this is at least what they say. One colored shirts could be boring and considered one of the simplest outfits but it is actually not so. Not if you do things right. First, make sure you buy a shirt that is the right one for your body, if it is too big or too tight it won’t look classy. You can also do another thing, roll up the sleeves two or three times to look more casual. And the most important thing is to combine it with some accessories – everything from a belt, necklaces and scarves to high heels and skinny jeans. Put your hair in a bun and finish the look with a pair of shades and you for sure will gather the looks wherever you go.

Plaid shirt

Teenager prefer to wear such shirts because they are more casual and a bit more grunge. However, it is not necessary to be 15 to wear such a shirt, you just need the right “tools” that will help you. Start wearing a t-shirt under the shirt. Do not choose an oversized one because it will look rather odd. The shirt, on the other hand, could be an oversized one. Add again a pair of shades to it, they will always look stylish. If you wonder what shoes to pick, try with a pair of boots but not sneakers, definitely no sneakers. Finish your look with a clutch to balance casual and classy styles.

Shirts in various patters

These shirts are for more casual occasions, they are cute, cheerful and just make you look fresh and younger. The patterns could be various, does not matter, choose whatever you like – birds, hearts, dots, flowers or ribbons. You can make this shirt look both classy and fun. What you have to do is put the sleeves down and buckle every single button there is, as if you are a bank clerk. Or you can try something else, unbutton the collar of the shirt and tie it in a knot. This will make the shirt look even more interesting. Match it with a pair of skinny jeans or a high waist skirt and you will look flawlessly.