Is it Time to Retire Your Old Makeup?


Let’s start honestly – we all have a huge pile of makeup at home. And we continue to buy both cheap and expensive makeup all the time. Sometimes a drug store product for 2$ seems like something we will really love and use. And we pile them up. And although we sometimes change the stuff we don’t like with newer and better things we continue not to toss anything away. Like it will magically start to work? Well, it won’t! And also, all those old mascaras and empty lip glosses, do you really need them?

I think you got to my point. We all keep stuff we think we kind of might like or use or need at some point. Well, bad idea. Having all those old makeup things at your home distracts you when applying makeup. And it also distracts you when it comes to using the better and newer things. And let’s not even start to talk about the fact that too old and expired makeup might cause us problems!

So next weekend when you are at home, why don’t you take a few minutes to clean up your makeup pile. And go through everything.

Here is how to know what to retire and what not:

  • Mascara

This is the thing I hate the most. And it is because it doesn’t last long enough to invest too much in it if you don’t use it every day. Mascaras start to dry out and make clumps. And that is awful and doesn’t really make your eyelashes more beautiful – exactly the opposite. My advice for the girls, who don’t wear mascara every day – go for the cheaper drug store types. I for example love one small Maybelline Great Lash mascara. And it is also the favorite one of many models. It is around 5$ and it is still very good. So throw everything dried out, empty, or expired.

  • Foundation

If you use that product every day and own only one you will be okay for around a year with a single tube. But if you have 5 different types and don’t use any of them on a daily basis, rather than mix it all up, they probably will go to waste in around a year. Especially the ones that are water based. How to know if a foundation is in need to be retired? If when you open the bottle the foundation itself has separated from the watery base – it is not good use it anymore. Also the same thing applies for liquid based foundations. But they usually expire a little bit longer after the water based ones and also they change color, when they are too old.

  • Eyeliner

Remember that no eyeliner should be used after it is expired or just you see that it is time to toss it. That is because an old product can cause the worst possible allergy or irritation that will cause you much more money and nerves, than just getting a new one. How to know when you should throw your eyeliner you ask? If you use the liquid one you will know when it dries out and clumps, just like the mascara. With the pencil type of eyeliner it is a little bit tougher to know, but once it is too old and unusable it will probably gain a white film around the pointed part. And no matter what, don’t use it!

  • Lipstick

Although you might be in love with a lipstick forever, but you might not be a person who wears it often, you should throw it away. Because they are not as long lasting as you think. I know that some lipsticks are known to be the lipstick of your lifetime, but that just means that it can be used always, but replaced, not use a single falcon for 10 years. Having 20 half used lipsticks means you don’t use any of them enough and you waste them. Just start by throwing the ones you know are older away. A lipstick can’t be used for more than a year. Remember that! Also, if a lipstick it is hardened it is already ‘dead’. So make its way to the bin faster!

  • Eyeshadow

Eyeshadows are something I don’t really use often. Probably not more than twice a month. I have only one eyeshadow I use most often and it is one that is an everyday nude type. Other than that I have a few palettes and I don’t really know why. I don’t use them and I often throw eyeshadows away. Then get new great palettes and the same thing happens. I am sure many of you are exactly the same way as me. Once an eyeshadow is expired, it should be thrown away. I don’t think we need to talk about why and stuff like that. It is just a call for disaster if you continue to use it. And if it is not expired, but you have had it and used it for more than a year it is time to say ‘Goodbye’. This is a must for creamy eyeshadows. And as for the powdered ones, they can last almost up to two years, but it is better to consider throwing them away a little bit earlier in order to be safe.