Kissable Lips


A date night is always special. You want everything to be perfect and great. You think a lot about your look: your dress, you schedule an appointment at the beauty salon for your legs, facial touches like brows plucking and shaping, you think a lot about the hairstyle. The decision for your hairstyle is essential for the date night. When a man sees the hairstyle of a woman, he can tell what exactly she wants. The basic rule is:

If the hair is neat and tight, for instance, high bun, the girl doesn’t want to be touched, but if the hair is unleashed from the hair band, falling soft on the shoulders, this is a sign that the girl is open for physical connection (don’t get wild, I’m talking about hug or a stroke).
Well, the hairstyle is important indeed, but the part of the facial makeup that sends the strongest signals are the eyes, and not only, in fact – the eyes with a combination with the lips. If you match those two in a perfect harmony, no one will resist your charm.
See how to prepare the most delicious and kissable lips.

Just follow the steps:

  1. Prepare the skin of the lips. Chappy lips are not delicious looking at all. Make sure that they are exfoliated well, any dry cuticles will irritate you and you will eat your lipstick in short time.
  2. After the exfoliation, you have to moisturize the lips. Apply soft, plain lip balm, a thin layer of petroleum jelly will work as well.
  3. Wait a few minutes until you move to the next step, so the lip balm will be absorbed nicely to the lips.
  4. Then pick up a soft pink lip pencil and contour the lips. Fill in the whole lips with the pencil. This step is required if you want to save the lipstick last longer.
  5. After the pencil step, comes the lipstick step. Apply the lipstick with a brush all over.
    Enjoy! And have a great night!