Knotted Hairstyle For Long Hair


If you have long hair, you must take advantage of this benefit. You can do this by teaching how to create different hairstyles. This is an important step because eventually you will get tired of the heavy length of your hair, which will lead to bad thoughts of cutting your hair. And if you cut your hair, you will regret it at least two years, because that’s the time that it takes to grow your hair long again.

So, in order to prevent having thoughts of cutting your hair, I will try to give ideas for great hairstyles, specially developed for long hairs – just like the knotted ponytail here. Take a look at the steps and follow them if you like this design. Here we go:

  • First, prepare the texture of the hair. It has to be slightly wavy in order to create the fluffy style of the pony. You can achieve the curls with hair rolls or curling iron. If you decide to use the curling iron, you should protect the hair with a thermal protecting product first.

  • Once the texture is ready, you should start tying the hair. First, take two strands from the sides and tie them together at the back. Use the tails of these strands to hold the rest of the hair into a ponytail. Connect them under the hair and tie them with elastic band.

  • Then take another pair of strands and do the same thing.

  • Keep up with the knotting and the tying and when you reach the middle of the tail – stop.

  • Now, pull out the strands a little bit to make the fake-braid look fluffy and huge.

  • Tease the excessive tail as well.

All done! Stick around to find more great ideas for your long hair!