Loosing Weight by a Fruit Diet


With summer just around the corner it is time go get the body we want. Not that we are not all beautiful or something like that, it is just about giving yourself a boost of confidence. Slimming down a bit, just before hitting the beach and cleaning your body from everything that has clogged up trough the winter is amazingly good feeling.

So not that it is that much of a diet. It is more of a fruit paradise. Because it might be a regiment, but it a cool one. You will only eat fruits and feel way more fresh, light and confident. And that is all a woman needs, right?

  • Fruits that help the process of fat burn

    All fruits are good for you and your body. But no all of them help you to slim down. You need to put in your system foods that make you burn, not gain. In this case you need those fruits. The grapefruit is one of those fruits you need in your healthy regiment. Just by one grapefruit a day you will fasten your metabolism and also it will help you with your sugar levels in the blood. Of course don’t mistaken this As a sign to eat only grapefruits and loads of them. One per day will be enough. For better results you can have two. Another citrus fruit with similar qualities is the lemon. The lemon will not only help you to burn fat, but it also has an intoxicating ability. And a clean body is the better body. Here is how to intake it: squeeze a lemon and add water, then drink immediately. You must drink two of those a day and you will be okay.

  • Fruits that have very low calorie levels

    I don’t know if you knew, but the fruits have calories too. At the end of the day they are so delicious that there is no way they could not hold calories. At least they are the ‘good’ kind. Way better than what the sweets or sodas consist of. But keep in mind – no fruit will ruin your diet. Just keep track of that calorie fact, because a half of a banana hold up to 120 calories. The best low-calorie fruits are the apples, peaches and pears. They are one of the best idea for a good breakfast.

  • Fruits that supply your work out

    Fruits can be the biggest energy supplier you have ever had (if you just knew, right?). Fruits can give enough glucose levels, which actually gives you more energy. So you will have a better work out or class of some type. As a whole fruits can increase your sport levels. So this is good. So if you want to have more energy before or after (or both) a workout go for a banana, apple, blueberries, grapes or pares. I think most people know what the bananas give energy, but do you know about the other fruits?

  • Fruits that help you against the stomach bloating

    This is something we all women hate. Especially if we have a special event to attend with that dress (you know the perfect one) and than your stomach if just too bloated to wear the dress or even anything you like. So once you feel your stomach bloated it is a good idea to turn to fruits. Some of them will really help you. The options for you are the oranges, grapefruits, melons and pineapples. Imagine the heaven a fruit salad with those you will have. And another thing – lemons and the watermelon are a diuretic, which also might change the bloating feel.