Makeup Design For a Party Night


Not every makeup design is appropriate for a wild party night. You have to consider your party look according to the place and the time. Today I want to show you a gorgeous idea for a makeup design, which will make you look amazing while you dance the night away in the downtown clubs. Take a look:

  • First of all, I recommend you the contouring and highlighting technique for the face, because it work as a perfect background for the eye makeup I will show you down below.
  • Then shape the brows and fill them in with color. Don’t forget to highlight the area around the brow in order to make it pop out even more. Brush the brow with a clean mascara wand to create a texture of the brow that looks natural.
  • After the foundation is applied and the brows are colored, we can start the actual work – the eye makeup design.
  • Apply primer to the lids. The primer has two options – to save the makeup from smudging and to help you remove the makeup before you go to bed.
  • Then apply a neutral shadow – some kind of beige or pink, according to your skin complexion.
  • Trace the crease with black liner and finish it with a flick at the end. Smudge this line with pink shadow and blending brush.
  • Then stick tape strip to the outer corner of the lid in order to make a precise edge of the V-shape.
  • Thicken the crease line with more black color.
  • Cover the lid with white shadow. It will make the color pop out.
  • Top the white base with pink shadow.
  • Create smoky V-shape at the outer corner of the lid.
  • Enhance the bottom lid too with black color. Highlight the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone.

Finish the look with liner and mascara.


soft pinkk